Why goal-setting is important? The proof will surprise you!

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In 1952 three percent of the Graduating class of Yale university business school wrote their goals on a piece of paper. Twenty years later when the class met again, the net worth of the three percent in terms of money, happiness(or whatever!) was way more than the other 97 per cent combined!

Good luck with your goals. :)

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we must ask the Universe for definite clear things, yes, it's good advice, dear-)

yes! And the universe always listens and responds, we know it or not.

Without goal, life is like a train which runs on unknown tracks and doesn't reach its destination

Absolutely true! Thank you for sharing your views. :)

Wow, that's really amazing story to hear and yes goal setting is really important aspect of our life because if you write something like writing something on chart paper and if you stick that chart paper on the wall then you can read your goals all the time then whatever actions you will perform your thoughts will run around your goals and inturn it will engage all the time towards your goals, so write your goals now because you want to achieve it. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

You are most welcome. :) And good luck with your goals!

Thank you. 🙂

Part of goal setting is for sure knowing to set REALISTIC goals that will challenge you but are achievable! That is what I always do.

Yeah that makes sense! But I have seen many people were surprised when they reached huge peaks of success even when they wrote down some seemingly 'absurd' goals.