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I believe in "drawing people out”.

That means, we poke them in the ribs a bit and see what they have to say...

just a little bit. 

Everybody gets to talk, we all share, we all live.

For a young person in this world, sometimes those “uncomfortable silences” require a ready toolbox, loaded and focused on bringing out people to be their most authentic selves; which is often when they will most enjoy themselves in the company of others.

If I offend someone (which I used to do sometimes; now I am more polished) I tell them:


“I am trying to draw you out. I am interested in what you have to say.”

Of course, there are any number of ways to do this; and you always want be smooth! 

-  My favorite: "YES!      But what do you really think?"

- Ask them if they believe their views are formed partially by where they live, or the community they live in.

- Ask if they have always felt this way, or did they used to feel differently about this issue.

- Be a good listener. Be ready to know more about them. This is the time when you might share something small about yourself, then probe for some great story they have to tell you.

- Ask if their views have changed since they gave up their hard drugs addiction. 

(Sorry, bad joke.)

- And even pretend you are interviewing them; and you will help them find things they are interested in to talk about. What they do, what they studied, anything they have written, invented, imagined.

I think you get the idea, and I feel this can be:

- a great party starter

- a great way to get your blind date talking

- a way to gain inroads with your new mother in law

- the best way, to talk with your mom, or father

- the best way, to talk to that special someone you have had your eye on for quite some time


the words are very beautiful, simple words, but it contains a very extraordinary meaning.

Please let us know more about you and fill in your profile text so we may see what you care about in life and have passion for in at this time.

I actually prefer to write about the life of the world of children, because it always makes me happy. I also prefer to write about literature, though not very well understood. I just learned, and I want to write more about life.

Great writing! I like the idea that ask questions to lead the conversation, and let them speak about themselves! I will use that technics! Thanks!

I think we can have some fun on steemit ;-)

This post is fire haha. I love it.

It's interesting how we tend to hide what we really feel because of what people might think of us. Awesome tips for getting people out of their shells!

Just dig away; if they get pissed, tell them you are only having fun and "get loose".

you are able to communicate with yourself, and this is included in personal communication. keep my friends, I wait for other works.


Very interesting, is a form that I will take into account for a conversation

Every conversation you have, MUST BE BRILLIANT!

Brilliant and very interesting

It's interesting for thinking. Thank you!)

Are two options that have to match. Age, and experience

Pretty interesting topic , it's like analyzing in your own opinions

So in short: Ask them questions to get them talking about theirselves.

Yes, but also:

  • tease them if they are obviously biased or whatever
  • when someone is not having a good time; inspire them
  • if someone is losing cool, find a calm rational transport to a new subject
  • if you really admire someone, you should always TELL THEM!

Great advise!! People can even ask themselves these questions if they feel they struggle with creativity on the platform:):)

That's really an interesting approach you have got there. Poking and looking at the reaction it gets. Nice really nice

I think this is what some people need...
Not everyone. Some are way too fun to ever attempt this; unless you are very BRAVE!

To be completely honest I am a bit scared to poke people on steemit specially someone with more steem power. There seems to be a lot of flagging going around recently.

I am looking to grow here so I don't really like around much but if I become friends with someone than I like to poke them.

These questions can really be of some 'good' help to start a conversation and get to know a person more efficiently. The point is, nowadays don't try to involved with other people more often, they want to remain in themselves. Some people don't even get some real nice words to start a conversation to draw them out or just try to know, I guess this list of question would be a great help to know people better :)

I think which I guess a tell everyone is that "Be a good listener.". Being which you will feel more connected. Once the connection happens, it's always gonna do wonders between two people.

Sometimes I have to tell my close friends "Let other people talk..."

Correct, it is just that people will feel free to just converse with you when you listen to them, Respect is one more aspect of it.

Interesting. Alot of things for me to learn here in my life.

Be Courageous!

Yes thank you.

I think we should all draw people out. Some introverted people like me always want to hide away with what their thoughts are and their perspectives but I'm glad steemit gives me a platform to portray my interests.

Without it I'll probably still just be talking to myself and not interacting with people and learning what they think. My world would be skewed with 'me, me, me'

Keep interacting as socialising is the key to happiness and it always brings a smile to my face when I see great comments on my post. Hopefully as time goes on I'll get more users engaged with my posts @surfyogi! :)

Very often, the most interesting people speaks less about themselves. But they manage to make you tell everything about yourself :)
Thank you for this topic @surfyogi !

Great writing .... Pretty interesting topic ..... love it