I Grew Older. I Am In The Rubble But I Am Drop Dead Positive, For Steemians Have Kept Digging For Me. We LIT!!!

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I admit, i grew older..... but i didn't count the days; "i couldn't".

I grew older... Mama Earth, please be happy!

I have been in the rubble and in the rubble, "days can slip by hurriedly without my noticing".... 

I have done "extremely tough life". In the world of "intensest suffering", you can say that i am superhuman

Only Jehovah helps me live.

Then, my recent days grew even tougher. My mum passed! Then, my dad arrives and he is right next to me now, hour after hour but without his shine. 

I can't even look into his face well. He is scared, even of me. And whenever he is calmer, all he asks is; "where is Maria Wilma Ajayi"; for he feels i hid her!

It wrecks me or it attempts to.

Words can't describe just "how tough", whenever i say "tough", so i won't try "words". I will just keep on pushing till words begin to become sufficient.

Yes, its dead tough in the rubble but my entire tired being stretches a hand forth and you know what; "we will keep shining forth". 

We will stay lit; too lit to be dimmed down a notch, in Jesus' name amen.

Look at where @surpassinggoogle @steemgigs @teardrops etc started (below); so why shouldn't we stay lit? Look very intently at these images below and you will re-believe these words; "we will shine forth, for we are too lit to be dimmed down a notch".

My vimission has had purpose, definition, swag, shine etc from the very onset. It has stayed unshaken, deeply-rooted etc. It shall not waver now. 
We keep on lit!

Steemians dug for me! It's crazy special.

Just yesterday, i had made this comment:

If you only know how extreme the "tough times" i am dealing with is, you will know just how much you just fixed me. Thank you for digging on my behalf.

Someone had dug on my behalf. Little did he know that his was fixing me!

See what @leebaong dug up:

Then she did more digging! 

See what @maylyn09 did! 

Imagine, how she wrote out, in "different shades of pen", the existing headlines of as many #steemgigs (published from https://steemgigs.org) that could fit on that paper. "That's digging!"

The digging continues...

@rosava dug & dug

She embroidered "steemgigs" on her little boy's shirt. "She is proud of him; She is proud of me!"

Then, An Entire Plate Was Dug Up

@yhel21 dug away all the potential food, to fill a plate up with love, on my behalf.

There has been so so so much digging ongoing and steemians don't know how much these selfless deeds do, in keeping me lit. 

I am grateful. 

See Just More Digging

For just the second time in history, "that mango didn't just fall".

The first time, someone decided to "dig" instead of just munch and discovered "gravity".

The second time, someone "dug" and discovered "SteemGigs"


Then someone dug and without knowing it, as he captured my entire spanless vision & dream in one simple art. "The Never-Ending Climax"; @teardrops Smart Media Tokens

I got fixed

Steemians aren't resting on my behalf, so why should i rest or tire out. "We keep on lit!"

You all just fixed me. Thank you alot.

I am re-driven

  • Will working drastically to improve on https://steemgigs.org in the coming weeks
  • Will be upgrading the "steemgigs" witness server from 32GB RAM to 64GB RAM in a day or two, for more reliability and capability.
  • Will resume steemit account-opening. (I currently have a pending list) 
@steemgigs has been able to open & delegate to around 40 new steemit accounts in the past week or two

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today


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To create awesome steemit posts, try our "untalented editor".

Your Boy Terry



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I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.    

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"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


Each time I read one of your posts, I feel so blessed to know that you are walking this path with me. Even though we never connected on the physical realm, I believe we are connected deeply on the spiritual realm. Each post strikes the spirit within me.....that is truly rare in this world of hustle and bustle.

The reason @surpassinggoogle is everywhere is because the spirit within is released. When spirit is unleashed, it is everywhere. A person is limited where he or she can go but spirit requires no limitation.

Thank you for reminding me of what is important. It is crucial that I am reminded to let spirit shine in all I do. The fictional construct we all assemble is easy to believe yet it is an illusion.

It is an illusion to think there is difference between the two of is....it is also an illusion that your mom is gone...her spirit is with you every second of the day....you are engulfed in her love the same as the day you were born. It never wavers.

In commenting on @surpassinggoogle's post today, I didn't know where to start from, not because I was lost for words but because it filled my mouth to overflowing capacity. The journey started, time passed, a lot happened, even tragedies. It did not alter a man's course, it did not leave a young boy disillusioned or bitter , it did not break his will or faith but rather, he found strength in negativity, he built integrity from tragedies. From helplessness, he forged hope in others. In the school of life, he was not toughened to become a menace but toughened in all rough and raw edges to become a masterpiece, a rare gem, as exquisite as vintage wine .
Look at you Terry! Cut out from the finest of pedigrees, chiseled by divinity to uplift humanity! Greatness can never be greater achieved than this.

I have done "extremely tough life". In the world of "intensest suffering", you can say that i am superhuman.

Only a Super man, a Mega being would have been able to accomplish this feat. I see heaven's mandate upon you, making you achieve the impossible. You are just so wonderful !
I am so ecstatic for the mention. Thank you for being mindful of a little drop in mighty oceans.

@surpasssgoogle is truly doing a great job no wonder he is so much loved & cherished by all

Thank you alot for maintaining constancy everywhere i flock

Late happy birthday @surpassinggoole. i missed your birthday.

@edith4angelseu almost all we human experience bad time in our life as God wanted to see us how strong and capable we are to handle the situation. Life may become tough and teaches us many lessons. we need to be brave enough to face unexpected situations in our life.

I read your post and i always stay speechless because you cover everything and sometimes it is shocking. Just a few people in the entire world, can grasp these things completely. Hahaha i have not been around the world but i am so so so sure

you have not been around the world, world are in the you.

Deep calleth unto deep Terry, and maybe because I have passed through much pain myself, I am very well able to appreciate your frequency and then tune into it. But believe me when I say 'you are specialest'. Thank you for the shoulder that I lean on.

Happy Birthday sir Terry I have this special post for you

Happy Birthday @surpassinggoogle.

Words won't permit me to open up my heart and say all the things I want to say, but I wish you long life, more grace, more achievements and success.

Keep growing, keep touching lives and keep aiming higher.

Once again, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Terry @surpassinggoogle

I believe if steem community holds people like you then i am sure the coming next year i will celebrate my birthday just like you did.
Thank you for being here.

Glad to see you again @surpassinggoogle
and are these your pictures, You have a Beautiful family!!
Stay Blessed and Thanks for being here with us
you are adorable and an inspiration for all Steemains
And #HappyBirthDay. . . May You Live long

I feel you bro. He's also one of my let's say, favorite steemian here in steemit ^_^

The amazing thing is; "no lies involved". One steemit, there are people who have come to know me and even behave like me but it has not been because they have come to know me; it is mostly cos of the reasons you have stated here.

He is such an amazing person
Good deeds never go unrewarded
God bless you
Happy birthday @surpassinggoogle

This one is for the Mothers in heaven who look down from above. Happy Mother's Day to @surpassinggoogle's mum and the best of birthdays to the man Terry who keeps surpassing human expectations. He indeed is the awesomest version of himself, forgive me if such a word doesn't exist, for sometimes we do lack words to describe such amazing personality.
Keep shining big bro. God will grant you the strength with your dad, glad he could finally come over.

Happy Birthday once again

Everyone has something to offer

Very good comments. @surrpassinggoogle is a big role in success of all steamians.

you are one & only. you deserev it sir.

@taskmaster4450 sir you know. @surpassinggooglee i made the post on his birthday so i post it but he can not see i think how i show my post to @surpassinggoogle please i made the post by to hardworking pease give the way.

Very inspirational story, i appericiate it, these kids are looking soo cute 😊. Very pretty childhood memories are the best part of life, we remembers always life time, best wishes for you love yaaaa #surpassinggoogle you are the one of best person for this community and all your followers, who brings lots of love and respeck for you by spreading love. I am really glad for you being this community we are lucky with you.
I made a birthday post for you #terry Please click here

Thanks a lot @taskmaster4450. U say it well, that is who @surppassinggoogle is and this is collection also speak of future from childhood.


The boss just ans this question are u the one beside ur sister.
I cant wait for the ans, it show dat right from small u when density to promote, guide, protect and shared from the small u have.

U are the boss

sir @surpassinggoogle looks cute back then. Happy Birthday sir thank you for inspiring us. God bless

Very wise comment! You snatched my words a bit :P. Losing one of the parents is a grief moment , no matter, at what age you are. To live by imagining the love of parents gives you an inner spiritual relaxation and comfort zone.

Said all I have to say..and more. Couldn't agree more!

Happy birthday sir @surpassinggoogle !....you are so special to us and we appreciate your efforts

@surpassinggoogle.... I lack the words.... But thank you for being you, the most awesome version of you. Thanks for being real. Thanks for all the smiles you share, thanks for the hope you give, thanks for the voices you give to the voiceless, thanks for sharing your "tiny strength" with us, thanks for your selflessness. I usually can't speak when i really have to, like right now.... But i hope you understand. I pray the world will have a reason to smile for nothing and for everything because of you today. I wish i could do more than just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY! God bless you today and everyday!

I had to copy and paste the above from one of my comments in the numerous posts about you today, because like i said, i lack the words.....
You deserve much more. And one day, on your special "someday", you will be blessed with the joy you've always dreamed of, and you'll not have to pretend or try to be strong or happy anymore, you'll be the definition of strength and happiness. This is my earnest prayer for you, for today and for always!

Sir Terry is a big hope for untalented steamians.
Good comments @wakkylyon

happiee b,dayy @surpassinggoogle,

you're shared a very heart touching story. You are a wonderful person here on steemit helping the community and spreading love, I appreciate your effort. You have a great personality to amazed me and other numbers of people.
I see @leebaong did a really great appreciation for you on your b,day. I am glad to see your followers love to you very much!!

agree with you. he is the legand of us.. salute him.

Today I am short of words, because I am humbled by this great man, his humility really leaves me awestruck.
Terry my friend, yes I call him a friend even though I have never met him before but yet I have learnt a lot just going through his posts.
@surpassinggoogle my mentor, yes he's a mentor to me cos I always aspire to go as far as he is going here on Steemit, to affect so much lives and yet remain so humble.

Words can't describe just "how tough", whenever i say "tough", so i won't try "words". I will just keep on pushing till words begin to become sufficient.

Yes, its dead tough in the rubble but my entire tired being stretches a hand forth and you know what; "we will keep shining forth".

He is such a unique man, he has had so many rough times, but he didn't allow those rough times to make him lose his touch of humanity and turn to a monster like so many did, rather he chose to let those rough times scrub him up and bring out the fineness and sweetness in him.

Another unique thing I have learnt about him is the fact that he has not forgotten his days of little beginning, and he did not allow his little beginning wear him down, rather he saw it as a motivator to push for greater heights.

Look at where @surpassinggoogle @steemgigs @teardrops etc started (below); so why shouldn't we stay lit? Look very intently at these images below and you will re-believe these words; "we will shine forth, for we are too lit to be dimmed down a notch".

Today I am humbled as I wish this great man a very happy birthday even as I pray for a bigger, better and more blessed you in Jesus name.


Very special

Allah bless you.

Ouch, this is so touching.
Surpassing google everywhere...lol

Everyone loves you as though you were the owner of google like you said.

I'm so sorry about your dad who is yet to get accustomed with your mom's pass away.

May Jehovah give him strength to bear the loss.

You have put smiles in the face of many, that is why you will never tire out. May your strength continually be on the increase.

And BTW, these photos are lovely....smiles.

@julietisrael you know. @surpassinggooglee i made the post on his birthday so i post it but he can not see i think how i show my post to @surpassinggoogle please i made the post by to hardworking pease give the way

Today, the air is filled with softness, the birds sing a row in the song. Nature has been tilted colorful. Flowers are all in the garden. Today is my superman's birthday. happy Birthday .

Today, I finally got to see your face.
You are so damn cute, right from the baby-days till now.
I saw your picture on @kingernie blog and I was agape.
Happy Birthday to the handsome steemian.

you are so cute on this pictures..

He is so cute right 😘 😘 😘
It's official, I have my first steemit crush and it's the mighty @surpassinggoogle

So just fall sweetheart

all are lovely pictures sir. ThankYou sir for you coming this world.

Happy Birthday Sir Terry. That day you drop a comment in my video entry of what steemit has come to me now, was very precious for me, it honestly helps me to gain confidence. I will never forget that Sir, thank you thank you so much. Happy Birthday and Hugs for your Dad.

You are welcome. I hope i get to do more on your behalf, sometime again. Overall though, this post and all i do is for us and this will be more obvious in the nearest future

Not from the throne of a king, nor from the foothills of the Himalayas. 7 Sea 13, not from the banks of the river, from the small cottage of my heart **** Happy Birthday ***

cute little boy terry now a big boy terry! Those photographs are sign of golden memories. These memories are precious.

@surpassinggoogle you are truly a good example of a tough man. You made me inspired so much.

Thank you for drawing inspiration

you're always welcome sir @surpassinggoogle ☺ .

Hi sir, happy birthday. Wishing you more birthdays to come.

You're welcome sir. Thanks a lot also for your support.

Happy birthday sir Terry @surpassinggoogle..

Thank you very much

You're always welcome sir, May Jehovah guide and bless you always.

Happy birthday, Steemit Angel Terry!

hahaha thank you alot Angel

Happy birthday sir terry aka @surpassinggoogle may you have many more candles to blow, thank you for inspiring us to keep on blogging.

BTW, Mr Terry, please how can one open an account easily using your steemit invite?

Any link to directly take one there?

A friend has opened an account for over 5 days now and hasn't gotten any response.

Okay, I sure will.

Thanks a lot

sir i have a problem. please reaponse.

Happy Birthday to the living legend.

Happy birthday Terry.

No one works for humanity and go empty handed. The Creator of Heaven and earth will reward you for your contributions in helping others. Your time to shine has come. May God's love continually keep you and strengthens you as you age in grace.

Well its really nice reply for ssurpassinggoogle

Thanks @hillaryoki. I keep asking my self if this @surpassinggoogle was born of woman but today this collection as prove it self dat @surpassinggoogle was born from a woman, which the father is asking of....... Smile


Cose he as over work for humanity as a special person on earth.

The boss well done
Ur family is bless for eternity including me inside

Oh Yeah, he was born of a woman with a pure heart that begat a son of same likeness- pure heart. One who believes everyone has something to offer. One that does not belittles others but giving everyone an opportunity to express and excel in everyway possible. He is @surpassinggoggle, the son of Ajayi.

Wow, thanks @hillaryoki. Now let join our hands to build and support this together.
f you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

If you want him to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.

Let's Go!!!
Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT

Thanks @surpassinggoogle. My Boss

Happy Birthday!

sir i have a quesion for you

I wish you a Happy Birthday from the buttucks of my heart and kidney, may you see many more years to come may your heart desires be made into reality @surpassingoogle Amen.

In Jesus' name amen

For us both

Happy Birthday!! I want to be part of your group

the fact that you remain a loveable and cheerful person who spreads joy to others inspite of what you going through makes you a remarkable person. I want you to take heart and remember tough times don't last forever but tough people do.

Happy birthday to the kind and generous man on earth

Happy birthday Sir @surpassinggoogle

Thank you my queen

your welcome sir!
God bless you po ♥😇?

@surpassinggoogle you are so special to us here,as many people that you have put a smile to their face,you will always continue to be happy all through your life,you will live long....keep helping life boss

We @steempeninsula wish you a Happy birthday and Long live with Prosperity

You have received up-vote from @steempeninsula account
Courtesy @bob-elr and team

Accept this as a token form us.

We hope you continue to smyle.



God blesses you because you are so helpful to everyone else, Terry. I've been seeing posts about you all day and it warms my heart to see the good you do here. Your mom is watching your every move with pride and love. Many thanks to you. Everything is just going to keep getting better.

I guess i came right in time for your birthday. Happy birthday to this great man. I just joined but i have heard too much about you. Your influence spreads like fragrance. I hope your day is as awesome as you sir.

A tear of joy from my soul, for you.
You deserve so much love from your Steemit family.
I am happy to have found you on this path of life.
I will not tire of supporting your work and one of them will promote your witness so that it reaches where it has to go.
Blessings for you, Have a lot more "grew older"

This picture of you looks so much like my brother when he was about the same age.

Beautiful and so sweet

Family steemit, Terry is so happy with our love,

Now I ask for an additional gift for him which is a gift for all of us at the same time:

Please take a second of your time, check if you have voted steemgigs as a witness, do not take it for granted, maybe you forgot or did not process it.

Come here and deposit your gift:


Write steemgigs in lowercase letter.

Thank you very much to all who join this campaign.

Happy birthday dear Terry @surpassinggoogle

You are such great man! You made us inspired so much!
Keep growing! Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot for your amazing work, I just included you in this post : My incoming upvotes from the best witnesses and whales ! , I hope you will like my ideas about you. Thanks for being in steemit. ☺

We all have something out there that will pull us back up during hard times and place our feet back on the right track.
In this case, this one big steemgigs family was there to pull you back up. I am more than glad that all these people's effort was able to pull back up.

We missed you @surpassinggoogle, @steemgigs. Though @teardrops was still there, we still needed the surpassinggoogle in you and we are more than glad to have you back. We are more than glad to have steemgigs back on track.

Keep holding and stay strong brother. HE is there for you.
Keep building and fighting with more passion than you ever had. HE won't let you down.
Let your heart not be turned back to the past for.....SHE rests.✊💪

Thanks for update about good reply for @surpassinggoogle

Lets help @surpassinggoogle reach his dreams. I know by holding on him we can achieve our goals too.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle we're blessed to have you. As Filipino, we indeed encourage for your sharing your life with us and a mentor in this industry. May God continue to bless you and your family. Hoping that one day we will meet you. with @jraysteem and other steemit members from Antipolo City, Rizal

Life is a contentious process of going y, but those will be remembered who has impacted positive and remained functional to the society. I am so much obliged that we all found a person like you who did selfless help to all the people and created a sense of brotherhood and love through your wonderful efforts. And i do think personally that you are so blessed that people really love your every single bit :) :)

Wish you a very Happy Birthday and stay blessed the wonderful Soul aka @surpassinggoogle <3 <3

Wow, this picture must hold a lot of memory. Thanks for dishing up. Happy birthday to the hero and yes you are surpassing google. Well done sire

Well it's nice reply to Mr terry @surpassunggoogle

happy brithday sir...many information this post..thanks for sharing..

I am so much obliged that we all found a person like you who did selfless help to all the people and created a sense of brotherhood and love through your wonderful efforts

He is a blessing and as @lyndsaybowes would say...He is our HumanAngel. Much love to him on a day like this. May he continue to blossom like a palm tree planted by the river side.

He is a man truly loved, and selfless, in every sense of that word.

I am just wowed by your post and so much love you are receiving.

I have not had any contact with you but i have hearing some amazing about you from some amazing steemians.

What a name! What a man!

May you continue to be a blessing to the world.

Well your nice stuff for @surpassinggoogle

He really deserve more because he is love personified.

Yes, he is a man, amazingly just like us. Look at those pictures! Who would have thought that that lil boy could make some BIG difference into indivual lives of this community! May Jah bless you in all your efforts.

I believe those tough times moulded you into an amazing person - amazing steemian for us.

Its amazing how someone can be an inspiration to a lot people he hasn't even met...all thanks to steemit.

Enjoy the best part of your life - your best years are still ahead man.

Happy birthday Terry.

Great steeming and wishing for @surpassinggoogle

Speaking of a wonder man that he is.

Happy birthday Sir Terry... Greater Heights
Wow, such beautiful childhood memories.
We love you always.
God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above. Amen.
Enjoy your day.

The best of birthdays to him,for though I haven't seen him, what I've heard and seen on the net has made me understand and fully comprehend how amazing one could be.

Thank you big bro for being the most awesome version of you. Keep being amazing and indeed you're surpassing google already for on the Steem Blockchain the name resounds throughout.

Happy birthday selfless and great mind individual. You are a special being on steemit.

Good thing will surely continue to locate you as you celebrate your new year. HBD

He is indeed a selfless man. He's humble and fun at the same time.
Wish he was in Nigeria so we could bombard him with showed of love and celebrate with him

Happy birthday boy Terry and many happy returns. I celebrate you today and I want to say you are always appreciated for all that you represented. Thank you for been a good part of my success story on this platform.
I did this wonderful day post for you:
Join me to celebrate my Yoruba brother from another mother. One love boy Terry and more glorious height for you in Jehovah's name.
@optimistdehinde love you.

Happy birthday @surpassinggoogle. Wishing you the very best in life in good health.

Wow people are really doing a lot to appreciate ... This is really cool and you deserve all the appreciation you get.

I saw what @leebaong did and I was really amazed and short of words. I wasn't surprised though coz with the things you have done and are doing for Steemit and steemians, it's only natural to ba appreciated deeply by many and I would have done same.

We do really appreciate all the things you do here and we will forever be greatful to you bro.

Happy birthday to you bro...continue to grow in grace and glory.

He deserves all of it and even much more. The @teardrops projects is one of a kind. Only God can bless him enough.

Happy birthday to the man of the people as we like to say in Nigeria. Am happy that you are a Nigerian as well

Wawoo its nice appreciation to @surpassinggoogle

You are right @sistem. He definitely deserves all the Love he's receiving today .
His seeds of Love sown into our lives are bountifully productive.
Words can't express my appreciation to @surpassinggoogle.
GOD Bless him

Exactly. He totally deserve it.

From untalented, to teardrops, steemgigs, singsong and steemsecrets, you have sacrifice so much for each and everyone of us here on this platform and beyond. I want to join the entire universe today to celebrate you. Am glad I met you, for you have retaught me love and kindness. May Jehovah give you the strength to hold on. I wish you more grace and much love. Happy birthday Sir Terry, we love you.

Well reply and nicely appreciation for @surpassinggoogle

You nailed it. Amen. We love you bro

Happy birthday @Surpassinggoogle, may the kind of love and joy you spread be your portion and that of your family.
May God continue to bless and keep you. Do have a blast!

Amen!!!! We love you Mr Terry Skating. Keep on riding to more glory

Dear Terry, You are that friend of my life, who is always with me to support me and encourage me. You are the one who was always with me to listen to all my problems and best things happen in my life. Happy Birthday friend @surpassinggppgle.

Happy birthday to you sir! Best wishes!

Health and longevity!

Happy birthday Terry Ajayi!✌

Hey Terry!
First off Many many Happy returns of the day:


Now coming to your blog post...... Indeed this is very sad post for me. I can feel your pain in your words. Indeed you are feeling lonely at this time and you're missing your family alot. Some inspirational quotes are hereby mentioned for you @surpassinggoogle:

Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone. ~ Ferdinand Marcos!

“When you love you wish to do things for. You wish to sacrifice for. You wish to serve.” ― Ernest Hemingway.

You're indeed an inspirational personality for thousands of people around the globe and still counting. Also I have seen the print-shots of the comments of your Fans. I know they are just few you have chosen for us indeed this is a long list of people.
All the best for your all the projects like @steemgigs @untalented @teardrop etc. May Allah Almighty give you more strength and you serve more and more. Thanks!

Some times what we expect from life is not what we get. We just have to keep going no matter what.
You are the strenght that your dad need now.

Wishing you all the best and happy birthday

Today, it is with great pride that I wish my Mentor, Boss and an amazing inspirator a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You've been a blessing to many around the world with one simple quality you have in abundance LOVE

May God bless you and your household this special day, and you get wiser, God will lift you to greater heights in Jesus name!

Woo, what an amazing memories of childhood...Your great ambition and dream started with just one little step and now becomes has become a dream of reality.....You are really a genius indeed and your generation will never easy to celebrate you..... Carry go nothing do you....Happy Birthday and many more fruitful year....!!!!!

hello @surpassinggoogle

I read through your post it has a touch of saddest in it i must say!!! Probably because am a very emotional person.

The road map is truly beautiful ... there are so many talents here on steemit ... i hope i'll be able to find where i can fit in soonest!

This is my first time in your blog and it seems you have a lot of people that supports you, i find that overwhelming.

Anyways ,,.. if #tearsdrop ever hits the market... I'll surely invest in it!

Thanks for sharing ....
Screenshot-2018-3-11 STEEMGIGS Alpha(1).png

Happy Birthday sir. You are the most compassionate generous man I know. Enjoy your day to the fullest

Today we celebrate a brave passionate and loved human being. @surpassinggoogle happy birthday sir

I at last got the opportunity to see your face.

You are so damn adorable, appropriate from the child days till now.

I saw your photo on @kingernie blog and I was agape.

Upbeat Birthday to the good looking steemian.

Did you just copy and edit my comment?? 😲 😲


@kingernie sent this screenshot to me.

How hard is it to create a comment of your own?

You have sacrificed a lot to impact lives and help people develop in steemit. Happy Birthday to a great man @surpassinggoogle

when words cant really express what we feel,



@surrpassinggoogle first of all I wish you happy birthday to you. Almighty Allah gives you peace and success in both life. Your great and kind supervision is excellent job for successful future of newly steamians.

I really sorry to recall the death of your mother because mother is very precious gift of God. Life is full of complication but man like you gift for other because your selfless help and generosity is Big sign of your greatness.
Although I am very weak in english writing but I hope you like my little words.

Happy birthday to you

Sir Terry

Happy birthday to you ...I think one reason could be gratitude. Sometimes when I miss the past, I feel sad that it’s gone, but grateful that it happened and that I could experience it.

Happy belated birthday @surpassinggoogle
Whenever i read these stories it touches the deepest part of my heart.
You are a rare gem here on Steemit... It's very difficult to find a generous and inspiring person like you.
Truly you've been a form of motivation to me and other Steemians.
I hope one day I'll get to meet you and probably have a beer or two with you (if you do beer).
God bless the work you are trying to put together #teardrops. I wish you all the luck you'll be needing.

Steem On ...Steem Gigs

Happy Birthday, Sir @surpassinggoogle
God bless you and your family.
i can never forget your cooperation and inspiration in this platform. . You are really great. . I might not be able to enjoy this platform without your support. . You've always been working for the steemit community. . Salute sir.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.. Stay blessed

the most beautiful thing is when we get together with our families and loved ones, and hopefully all of us can make our parents happy, when they are gone, pray for them to be calm in the universe, and hope that we become children good good future generation success for @surpassinggoogle

It's fine to grow older as long as we got to keep learning from our experience and maybe past mistakes and successes to be even more ready for what's ahead of the road.

Despite the tough times you are passing through, you still make out time to appreciate and help people. May Jehovah be with you.

I have been waiting forever to hear about your dad. I know it must be difficult for you but please don't get tired. Continue to try your best to take good care of him. I understand exactly how you feel. I have been there many times.

Voting @steemgigs as witness is the next natural thing to do.