Gizmo, My Precious Lil Furball, Passed Away Last Night :(

in #life3 years ago

I've had so many people come and go,
but there was always my lil Mr. Mose.

I was heartbroken this morning when I found my cat, Gizmo, has passed away in his sleep last night. He had so many nicknames including, Mr. Mose, Cheesecake, Cheesums...and yet...sometimes even 'shit head.' But I have absolutely loved this little guy since I first got him over 10 years ago.

I'm sure many of you knew how much I loved him as he was the model at the end of so many of my posts as the 'Obligatory Kitty Pic' as well as having entire posts based on him like this one.


While he wasn't the youngest of cats (16) he was starting to get up there...but it seemed so sudden. Just last week he was his normal peppy and loving self. Today is going to be absolutely brutal, especially seeing you in this state.


I'll always remember the way you would greet me at the door when I came home, softly paw (no claws) at my nose to wake me up, give the little 'mews' like only you could. You've been fantastic companion to me over these years with your love, personality and general fun! It's hard to fully grasp right now that this has come to an end.

I'll always remember and cherish the time we've had,
and you'll always be my sweet lil guy!
I'm going to miss you Mr. Mose!
You've been my rock!


So cute and adorable I can tell.
So sad.
Sorry for your loss.

Aww I'm so sorry to read this!


#teamgood loves you and are here for you.

Thank you!
You might get a little of my crying in Discord tonight. It's definitely gonna be a rough day! <3

I'm crying.

But I won't insult you with contrivances like, "If there's anything we can do," because ... well, there really isn't. Losing a loved one doesn't ever get easy, nor probably should it.

Just know that we love you and if you need to cry or scream or whatever else, I have a good strong shoulder and plenty of hugs.

All of team good is here for you, especially me. You've treated me with such kindness. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

hugs you

Such a handsome chap, and super cute in that little hat too. So sorry for your loss, I know it will be a difficult time but sharing these treasured memories will help and is a wonderful tribute to Mr. Mose.

#thealliance #witness

Thank you!
I'm sure I'll get a more 'full on' tribute put together in the near future (along with a photo book) once it's a little easier to be going through all his pictures. <3 and miss the lil guy!

Awww dangit, I hate it when a pet leaves us 😪

I am so sorry sweetheart. I empathize. There was a little dog that I adored who passed away of cancer a couple of years ago. I still think of him often. His name was Parker.

Prayers and best wishes are all I can send to comfort you. I wish I could do more to ease your suffering.


Mustve been allergic to peanut butter.

edgelord dumb ass, you really want it to go this way don't you.


I'm sure he will claim he's being victimized after calling you a SJW snowflake.

Hi Sapph! You got a troll that wants some attention? 😈

I feel sad to know about this. Your cat crossed rainbow bridge. I believe he is in heaven now.

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Thank you! I have no doubt he's in a good place with all the treats he could ever eat and feathers he could lick! <3

So sorry to hear. I know only time can begin to heal the loss, but I'm glad you have so many sweet memories with beautiful Mr. Mose.

My dear lil’ Chica — there simply are no words soft and warm enough to ease the pain of such a loss — no suitable way to comfort from such a great distance. 💔 I’ll miss seeing Gizmo’s sweet face at the end of your posts — those big, round eyes were so adorable! 😭 Sending gentle hummingbird hugs to hold your tender heart. 🦋

Oh my goodness I just got word, I can completely understand what you are going through right now. As hurtful as it is, no doubt comforting to know it happened while asleep which means no pain no suffering. Sending you lots of love and hugs right now.

Thank you! least he went in peace. <3

i'm so sorry for your loss.

xoxo, b.

I am so very sorry for your loss. I know it hurts but that is because you loved. I still mourn all my fur babies but now I mostly smile and I am grateful for the time we spent together. They live in your love for them. Gizmo was beautiful, loved the Gremlins.
We have not coincided much but teamgood shared and felt I had to.
Gizmo is only one dream away.
Safe journey little one

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little companion  
You will definitely be in my thoughts today, dear lady. ❤️

So very sorry for your loss, I know how heartbreaking it is.

So sorry for your loss. He'll always be here on the blockchain living in infamy. Stupid cats, they have that unique quality of getting close to the heart especially while clawing the roll of toilet paper off the wall. I know I'll cry a river when my Mr cat leaves me. Much love to you chica.

i am sorry for your loss :(

plenty of hugs

RIP Gizmo :(

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You and your kitty are in my thoughts. Remember the good times you had and then Happy moments the two of you shared.

ooo I am sorry to hear that !

He sure was a great pet !

Sorry for your loss :(

I lost my dogs some years ago and it was heartbreaking, probably the worse i've felt since I was born, people that never had animals can't understand what is like to lose a pet.. It's like losing a friend, losing a family member, losing a brother or sister, losing a son...

You have our condolences sweets, and you have many a good memory to carry with you :)

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So sorry to hear this! We know how you love your fur babies <3

I'm very sorry about Mr. Mose but I'm glad he went into the night peacefully. My last meow friend got hit by cancer. Choosing when to end your friend's life is a terrible burden. Silver lining I guess.

Oh! I’m so sorry. Such a sad time to live through. I’m positive that kitty heaven is a great place, but it’s heartbreaking to lose them. Sending lots of love!

Such a beauty! So sorry, I definitely know how hard it is when your fur baby moves on. Pets are better than ppl in my books. Take some time and then u know what?..adopt a lil kitten and give another one a great home! 😎👍

OMG! I'm Soo sorry @skyochica -hugs- T^T you and Mr. Mose has my blessings

I'm so sorry for your loss. HUGS!

How long he lives? I have alo mine and treat him like my baby. And I am really sad when I heared that he died due to old age.

PS: Magic Porpoise said he was coming your way, with the minnowpond vote swarm... w/e that is!

😋 😎 😍

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that is a heart breaking update i am so sorry to hear about this loss but mr. mose will be remembered in our hearts forever

I'm soo sorry @sykochica. I'm dreading the day my own pus dies. she's got terrible arthritis at the mo.

rest in peace pretty kitty.
sorry @sykochica

oh no :( :( :( Take care of you.... :(

I'm so very sorry for your loss of Gizmo. This makes me very sad. They are SO important in our lives, and add so much joy and dimension to everyday life. I recently lost my good buddy, and things just aren't the same without her around the house. Though words always fall short in these times, my heart goes out to you. Writing about him will certainly help, I look forward to your photo post, whenever it comes out. Take care.

Best wishes. I feel for you. It's heartbreaking when you turn around, day after day, and expect to see them in their usual place and then remember and feel the loss again. X

I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. I have two cats too and they are incredibly special. Its sounds as if he has had a really long, lovely life with you. It is always a shock when they leave us..... except they leave behind the paw prints on our hearts x

Oh no, very sorry to hear. Hugs

I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our 16 year old cat this past year and it is just so hard when our furbabies leave us. He is a gorgeous cat and such soulful eyes.

Sorry to hear this, he is super cute in all the photos! Doesn't look his age at all!

Damn, sorry chica :-( This cat feels your pain.

welcom my friend

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Hi @sykochica,

It's been so long since I've dropped by, and today when I do I find this sad news. I am so very sorry for your loss.

A very long time ago, a good friend of mine collected a compilation of scriptures that I feel offer some insight into God's thoughts about animals. I share it with friends who have lost a precious pet, in the hope that you might find some comfort in its pages here.

Note: It's a PDF of a tri-fold format, so the second page appears first...



ooooh nooo I just saw this now :( so sorry :(

Sorry I missed this and late condolences. I was kinda inactive the last few months and I'm checking on people I follow. This is sad to know :( Gizmo is so beautiful and I know he has left you with lots of precious memories. I hope you're well.

Sorry about your kitty. It's never easy losing a friend like that. He was a very photogenic kitty, too.

Im sorry to hear Mr.Mose passed away Sykochica, it happened many time to me before and I guess its an experience that makes one reflect about our own mortality. What I usually did with my cats and dogs when they passed away was bury them next to a tree, then I go visit the tree and think "there is (insert name)". Like somebody said, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
I send you a big hug.

Thank you. I like that idea.
I ended up having him cremated and I'll get the ashes back in an urn so I could have some 'tree like remnant' of him around. Though I'll probably have to move it out of sight for a while at times as I 'adjust.'
Much appreciated!