11-12 days seems to be the delay of reading each other's content. Or maybe I have seen it and put my mind in total ignorance mode. There are a lot of phases leading to final acceptance and I am on of those hanging in the fight-against phase. I can not accept the fact that our human race would not have made any progression in the last 30 years and i see clearly that progress of new ideas is blocked or sidetracked. Whatever, acceptance is the key to all wisdom and changes and at least you are at that highest level where the most magical things can happen. Wishing you strength, power and tons of healing love @szuri

Better late than never, my wise @bubke! I have received all your healing love and I am sending it back tenfold.

Hi @szuri
I guess that you are aware of your illness and that you can manage it.
Do manage it so it won't get worse soon.
Prayers for you.
God Bless and Keep you.

Thank you @cryptopie! I will do my best :)

...people will be people. I remember my friend going through treatment and on her birthday she got books on cancer topic for a gift. In what universe does that make sense....I do not know....but people will be people and you are you. At peace and gorgeous! :)

Thank you @atopy! If I were to receive that gift, I would have smacked his/her head with it! Rude..very rude! I hope your friend is okay now :)

I'm polite with whatever advice I'm given, be it good or bad but some people just love to cross some lines.

I can't speak for you, all I know is that every experience or emotion will tell you something about yourself, some of which you wouldn't expect, in the hope that you can find answers.

Thank you for stopping by @outtayourbox! I guess I need a complete guide to life's most essential skills in order for me to understand my emotions and gain wisdom from all my experiences. Regardless, there is still time for me and I will get my answers until my time comes!

Well the cliché is that wisdom grows with age right?
I guess we will have to see if those oldies are correct ;)

Having physical or mental illness sucks. What's worse is people who don't know what the hell they're talking about trying to say they know what your problem is, or something worked for them so it should work for you. Just keep on keepin on...

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Good luck with this.

I of course want to offer some advice in relation to a book to read but you're probably really tired of things like that so I won't offer unless you ask.

Okay? Okay. :-)

Thank you @as-i-see-it :) and thank you for understanding!

I do hope that book isn't The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

You're very welcome. :-)
Thank you for your reply! :-)

Nope that's not the book. :-)

Wishing you happiness, smiles, sweet dreams and sunshine! :-)

Glad you're finally at peace with it my dear @szuri

Thank you @demostene! It took a while :)

Not to mention the ridiculing your-case-is-not-so-bad opinions :)) so i'm quite surprised you didn't even mention those.

And absolutely, negative feedback is indeed the best way you can get information in it's purest form, as tough as it is, it will (almost) never fail you.

Oh boy, don't let me get started on those type of people :)

having an illness of this nature is a lot of mental weight but once you accept the situation you learn to make the best of it and enjoy what parts of life you can experience for as much as you can experience it and just know that you no matter how hard of a life or short of a life have lived already a better one then others before and others to come after