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Thank you


Difficult to teach an old dog new tricks but then again, who is old? Me? No. You? Absolutely not.

When you are wondering how @bubke is doing and you see that he commented on your post 11 days ago but because steemit has been acting kind of funny, you never saw the reply until...today!

:) ❤

My dear @szuri, it always makes me happy to get a little message from you, don't ask me why :-)

I realized a few years ago that there were certain people I didn't need in my life and I didn't have to have them in it. I was not obligated to be unhappy around them. We grow and we move on.


It's such a bliss when you realize you don't need certain people in your life.

Very beautifully written, @szuri . And every word is true. "Change is the only constant in life" and acceptance helps to us to evolve and understand. What is meant to be, will be. And what does not stay is meant to take you closer to what is destined. :) I came to know of you through your brother @demostene's post on wood-art. great to meet you. Both of you are super talented :)
Upvoted and followed :)
I correct the error - "I came to know of you through your husband @demostene's post " :D :)

Thank you @nehab for your kind words and for stopping by. ❤

Hah, well actually he is my husband 😁 but you could say he was ( at some point ) the brother I never had. He did share with me last night your last post ( moods of a woman ) and we both had a laugh.

Looking forward to your future posts! ❤

Oh ! I am so sorry. I correct myself. I perhaps misread @demostene's post. Accept my apologies, @szuri. Let me rephrase. You and your husband @demostene, are an amazingly talented couple. Marriage of minds and talents :) . Great to meet both of you. And i am super happy that my amusing perspective on tears made you laugh :D :)
Looking forward to your future posts too :)

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