I laughed my socks off! :D

I love your style of writing, it was a pleasure to read!

Thank you so much @cryptonik! :)

I mean it :) You hang out on discord or somewhere like that?


I keep saying I will join, but always forget.

You're missing out!

Lo' and behold, I did! I am on Discord :)

Now what?! ^_^

You join @aggroed 's discord server room PAL (Peace, Abundance, Liberty) here:

Read more:

And you add the coolest dog on steemit to your friends list: cryptonik#4892

That was seriously funny! 😁I have only stolen (intentionally though) once in my life. Back in 1996, my favorite movie was Waterworld with Kevin Costner, and after watching it 20 times on a pirate VHS, I decided that I must have the original cassette with the cover and everything. After some careful planning, the day finally arrived - I went to the video rental store and walked around the stands pretending that I am looking for a movie. Then, when nobody was looking at me, I tucked the VHS under my jacket and sneaked out.

I felt super guilty for a while.

I remember that movie! Some sort of Mad Max only on open seas 😁

Exactly! Haha

P.S. My taste has evolved since then ;)

I think the former paragraph raises the trepidation of what stimuli (movies/art/music/experiences) should be permitted when the potentially harmful effects are unknown, -as the first seven years are concluded to be most important for memory formation/relationships into adulthood-.

You might have a point there :) My favorite Disney movie is The Jungle Book and I am always searching to and clinging on the "bare necessities".

I'm curious to what bare necessities really are/mean to someone?
Beneath their appearance, if they are fundamental, a floor for thoughts or a ceiling that constrains?
(by the way the arthritis story made me lol) (^_^)/

The bare necessities are my dark necessities :)

Hi, how are you doing?

Hi @mikej!

I am doing good :) Hopefully you are as well.