Beautifully written. I like stories that ring straight out of the heart into mine. Your imagery is to the point and reminds me of very similar stories in my life...

Have you ever tried lavender marmalade? It is to die for, or at to hover in Seventh Heaven for a while with.

Thanks for the good read again and you got my fellowship from now on too.

Namaste :)

Thank you @eric-boucher!

I did try it years ago, unfortunately, I can't find it anymore. It was divine!!! I guess at this point I should probably try and make some myself.

Namaste! ❤

Ah, I remember those days 25 years ago. For long periods, we had nothing to eat but toasted slices of bread with a layer of lard and a bit of salt.
Beautifully written, @szuri!

Thank you @irreverent-dan!
There are days when I really wonder how the hell did we survive back them.

Yeah, we somehow pulled it through... Now thinking about it, 1996 was even worse in Bulgaria as we had hyperinflation. My mom's monthly salary at that time was worth $10 :)

Very well written story @szuri. Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful writing:-)

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Thank you @kerlund74. I will check it out :)

I find myself in your story! @szuri

The white socks? :-)

you got me there

And I also can't stand marmalade, but for different reasons. When I was little I mostly had for breakfast tea or milk with bread and marmalade. (+ margarine, because butter was too expensive). So I got tired of it. Last countdown of the fridge, we had 19 different jars of marmalade. Some of it from that-time-we-went-to-Polland. It's a cool situation :)) Cause I have half of our fridge filled with marmalade. We've got 99 problems, but marmalade ain't one. @bubke

oohh @szuri you really know how to pluck at my heart strings...

I'm sorry that I was preoccupied when you posted this, it is beautiful and it brings to my mind the traits that I have that were embedded in my soul as a child. My parents were teenagers during WW II and my Dad either lied about his age or had to get a waiver in order to get into the U.S. Navy. They both remembered the shortages and hardships from that time, as well as being young children during the effects of the Great Depression, and those experiences had shaped their lives. Some of that was passed down to me, so a lot of my decisions and traits are based on what I learned from my parents because of their experiences, and part of it comes from my own life experiences. I loved this @szuri! 😊

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