Beautiful post @szuri! I found this from the recommendation by @deaconlee on upvotable 33 and am including your post in upvotable 34 along with voting for you here, adding you to my auto upvoter, and sending you a tip! Would you please keep writing for us because we would love to hear more about your life?

Thank you so much @jerrybanfield :) I really appreciate it! I actually read the whole post on upvotable 33 and my, oh my :) it got intense. @deaconlee found me a few days ago and liked my post and made my day!

I will most certainly write more :) I have lots of drafts waiting to see daylight!

Again, really appreciate it!

This is such a beautiful piece @szuri.
Just by the way you portrayed your mother, I feel that I already love her. I am very happy to hear that you have a mother that loves you more than anything in the world.
I hope her heart will reach peace and happiness and so is yours.

Hugs to your mother and you <3<3

She is indeed a wonderful mother!
Thank you so much my dearest @theleapingkoala. You made me smile this morning :)

Much love!!! <3

Lovely piece of writing @szuri :) I like the lego analogy..haha..SERIOUSLY PAINFUL!

Oh my! I love this szuri, is it truth or fiction? I wish that I had more to upvote with but my well is dry.

Hi @deaconlee & thank you for stopping by!

Everything I write is true :)

Much love!!!

Your writing is so lyrical. "...her heart beats have no meaning anymore." !!! That's great stuff. Nice Aretha pick as well.

Thank you @travelman! Always a pleasure to see your comments!

This text touched my heart, for a lot of different reasons. Well done, it's marvelous. Thank you for the feelings your brought into my heart with this!

Lovely,I think for a second I was in the world written by you.

Thank you @alextretraveler & welcome to Steemit!

That kind of post that leaves you breathless. Very nice and touching! It makes me think at my mother and i am sure i never thought of her that way.
Thank you for this post, @szuri

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