How can moving to another place improve your life

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Contrary to popular belief, nothing has an age. The time is unique to each person and does not need to be adjusted. If a 1-year-old does not walk like their friends, etc., parents rush to doctors and psychologists. What are you doing, parents?

First, pause and inhale. We do not have to exhibit the same behaviour patterns at the same time, just as we cannot all be the same. For example, I struggled to leave my brother's pacifier at three. I didn't speak fluently, but I remember speaking slowly in primary school. Later, I opened up. Despite this, my parents never made me feel inadequate, abnormal, or hauled me to the doctor. We all went about our daily routines and it happened as planned.


Do you want to hear something more? My family, school, colleagues, and friends have been telling me to set goals and plans since I was little!

So you can call me missing now? No. So far, I've done well. My life would have been easier if I had figured it out sooner, but I'm not upset about it. Learning it is now a huge convenience for me. What if I never understood them? I'm a mess!

Learning something implies I've lived it and assimilated it. Sadly, what others have said means less than what I have learned. Yes, it is more challenging. Like most people, I wish I could understand it by hearing from others, but it doesn't work. Instead of playing the victim, he said, "I am like this, I accept myself as I am." No problem for me.” I prefer. Memorized information does not work for me because I am a causal type who seeks logic in most things. It's better that it doesn't work. That is, not automatically. I take risks and live by instinct.

I've been trying for years to be alone, not bored, not pressured, to accept myself as I am. I've also made good progress in the past, but concepts sometimes get muddled up. It's a delicate line between letting go and becoming lazy. I found them later. I realised that while I do leave myself alone, something is amiss. That feeling of floating in space turned into a sense of directionlessness. I don't know where I want to go in life. Swinging in that area made my mind spin as I recognised these things. I took my notepad and pen one day, and started writing about who I am and what I want in life.

The answers came after I scribbled the questions in my notebook. Then I started thinking about what actions I should take and what I should do to acquire what I want, and I wrote it all down in my notebook so I could see it. I just wrote whatever occurred to mind. I wrote without judgement, limitation, or critique. Then I went over my notes and decided which ones I could use as a starting point, and set a deadline. Of course, 2 days or a week later was unrealistic. I was empathetic, but also disciplined when deciding on a date. My new point: to be disciplined yet adaptable!


Then I found my lost motivation for this existence. By daydreaming, planning, and taking action. Now, thank God, I live contentedly in the middle of my goals and aspirations; doing it all!

So, in essence, plans and goals move a person's life forward. A human would be flung around a lot in the abyss, losing life energy. Finding this information on my own was also incredibly important because I know it has now settled in all my cells. I know what to do now while I'm wobbling in space.