Mother and child relationship

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Mother is the most mother in the world.In short, there can be no child except mother.
Mother's first friend is mother. The first teacher of children is mother.Children like mothers
as well as mothers like children.So it is possible that the relationship between mother and
child is sweet.Mother's job is to teach children well.The language that a child learns after
birth is the mother.Then learn from the mother how to eat food again


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Yes you are right. children grow up with the education that their mother teaches.

The only mother to meet the child after birth So think of mother baby teacher

yes,you are right comment. Mother's child's first teacher.

No one can love the mother from the mother on earthYou just said it's true

The mother who does not have a mother can understand what the value is

Mother and child are immense love

Like a mother and no one can sit in the child.

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yes it is right post. mothers care of her children and the first teacher of children is mother.

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