WI-FI: A Silent Killer that kills Us Slowly...

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Wi-Fi: a wireless network in which you can connect to many devices without the use of cables. Nowadays Wi-Fi is found everywhere. The mobiles phones benefit mostly from it, and the companies which make them have specific instructions for the services so they do not damage our health.


Wi-Fi: a silent killer that kills us slowly

Our wireless devices like phones and tablets use routers to connect online. The router emits WLAN signals – electromagnetic waves that can cause a lot of damage. We ignore this fact because we practically have no knowledge of it. Given time, these signals harm the body. A study conducted by the British Health Agency has proven that routers hinder the growth of people and plants.


Consequences of Wi-Fi exposure:

chronic fatiguepain in the earslack of concentrationfrequent strong headachessleep issues

We can’t live without technology – that’s a fact. But we need to learn how to protect ourselves from its harmful effects. Here we have some advice on how to use the router safely or at least lower the potential damage.

How to protect children from electromagnetic waves

Disconnect Wi-Fi programs before bedtime
Turn off Wi-Fi when it is not used
Replace your home wireless phones with cable ones
Avoid router in the kitchen and bedroom

or Simply Protect Yourself...

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Source: Weeklyhealthylife, pxds.com


I was actually discussing wifi and the harmful effects it has. It's interesting. Things like asbestos was used everywhere 30 years ago, no we all say people where crazy and stupid back then. 30 years in the future people might say the same about wifi

When we were starting our path 17 years ago, everybody were laughing...Oh, no, no harm from EMR...Now, nobody laughs...I'm graduated engineer and energies & laws of physics are my speciality...When I specialized for Bioresonance screening and I started checking the reasons for person's health problems, there was no person that had health problems and that didn't have huge influence for that health problem in emr...WiFi and sooo many other are real killers...But slow...or fast depends on the person's energy system read immune system...

It's a big gap today in the understanding. The effects might not come right away and it might be hard to say what caused it. But slowly I think many problems will become more obvious.

Btw you have a really cool degree!

Technology is an evil that has become necessary. You have to protect yourself from the damage it causes, or at least try. Since the coming years claim our health when we are vulnerable. Greetings friend.

We must protect if we want to stay healthy...

o my GOD.i have little kid,and i always use phone ,laptop infront of him.thanks for sharing this type of informative post.i must take care about it.

Yes, you need to take care of it...This is not a bla, bla content. EMR harms kids organs most as their system ( immune/energetic ) is not formed well...Protection is needed...

Excellent information, @tatjanastan. The gallop of life makes us lose caution about sensitive issues like that. We simply assume that technology only offers us advantages and we forget that everything in this life has its pros and cons. Thanks for the alert, dear

If we want to stay healthy, we need to take care of that...

this child is sleeping soundly maybe this child is a friend's dream

??? Maybe it will be better if you read the content...

thank you very much for telling me I just know

Ok, thanks...

Thank you @tatjanastan for your informative post. Yes, technology kills. As, technology is becoming more and more inexpensive and easily available,we are taking it for granted and not using it properly.We should learn to use it only when,it is actually needed and we should shut I down when it is of no use, especially the ones with more radiations like WI-FI's.Children are more vulnerable to these radiations, exposure to children's may make children crippled both physically and mentally in the near past.Be aware.STOP USING IT UNNECESSARYLY FR NOW!!Thanks.

Nothing good come without a price. Technology is a panacea and poison at the same time to the world. Controlling our addiction to its usage will make a difference.