A Sense of WONDER? Do you still have yours?

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Im wondering about wonder

What is Wonder?
Is it the unbelievableness, the awe or inspriation that we feel when we see or learn something we have yet imagined to be real?

I have purposely put these wonders of my world of late, to hopefully trigger a sense of happiness in the minds of the Steemian faithful, steeming away at their hard earned rewards..to just to allow your mind to be massaged by your sense of wonder.

What makes one Wonder?
Is it a mix of fascination and questioning at a person place or thing, that is way beyond the norm?

A Wondrous Landscape
Like the hue dazzeled Rainbow Mountians in the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China. Yes they are real...I wonder what the painting Impressionists would paint seeing they are an impression in and of themselves...would VanGogh still paint what he saw?

I wonder if this is really a Dog
May I bring your attention to the Racoon Dog. This bizarre mix of wild and domesticated, is still unexplained, I was a vet surgical tech for 20 yrs. I have never seen such an animal until last year, have you? If you have please tell me when you knew of such a Creature. Take a look..


They travel in packs in the wild. It is the only dog that hibernates a short time in the winter. It dosen't have claws, it has paws..I wonder what a racoon and racoon dog would do if they met?

Never stop Exploring
We have supposedly circumnavigated this realm, discovered all the major wildlife and most major botanical finds have been found right? Almost. Speaking of Rainbows...have you ever heard of the colorful rainbow Eucalyptus tree?

i00166-lg -2 bright low Ron West small.jpg

Yes, I was very surprised at this color filled find...have you ever seen or heard of a tree like this?

2018-03-01 16.56.01.jpg

Koko's version of a selfie in the Mirror.
Yet most wonder of all wonders for myself is the Story of Koko the female gorilla. She is so intelligent, (so are other great apes,) that she is fully capable deeply wondering herself. When you have about 45 mins, look and see what gorilla intelligence is up to these days, its absolutely amazing.


Well I hope your mind is opened and refreshed and full of wonder~*....now back to work;))

Image source: Pixabay, YouTube, Natgo, Koko the Gorilla

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