A day well spent.

in #life2 months ago

What a day!
It has been a very busy Thursday in school with lots of activities ranging from lectures to checking up on some documents in different offices, running some errands outside the school and coming back to the school to do some unfinished business that had been delayed due to some bereaucratic bottlenecks in the different offices. It was in the heat of all of these that I met @focusnow, who was in school to students about Steemit.



Fortunately, in no time, I was done with everything that I had planned out to do in school for the day. And as I and my friend @ninilove set out to go home, we saw @focusnow talking to a student @jennibest about Steemit.


After he had me registered, my friend @ninilove also signed up. He taught us how to go about it and all the rudiments of Steemit. That took another one hour, thirty minutes of our time and we were exhausted! I and my friend headed straight home. I have been enjoying my steemit ever since and it's been a wonderful experience!

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