New Comic Collection Processing - My Journey to Opening a Store

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Picked up a comic collection that is 42 long boxes that needs to be processed for the store opening. So went and picked up 5,000 bags and boards and 90 short boxes to get me started today from my wholesaler.

The process for this collection is time consuming to say the least. NOTHING is in any order and none of them are bagged & boarded. But as a whole they are in amazing condition.

Have done a preliminary sort on about half of the collection based on DC, Marvel, Mini Stories, X titles, or Spiderman titles. Also pulled out some keys that I spotted while doing the quick sort. Going to get these 100% processed and then move onto the next half. Only downside to doing this is having to go back and merge in the other half, but don't have room to process anymore until these are finished.

Going to have to put the kids to work on some of this...way to much work for me to do on my own.



20200117_132503.jpg20200118_165047.jpg20200130_103736.jpg20200130_103748.jpga comic.jpga comic2.jpg


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How times have changed since I was a kid. I noticed several years ago that the female heroes and villains all have breast implants, which doesn't seem smart for crime or fighting it.

Nice pick up, hope you make lots on them.

Yeah comics don't exactly have the most proportional super heroes...male or female. Will say that some new comics are slightly better about it, but think it will be a common theme long term.

Holy THAT looks like a dream project! Let's round up me and @blewitt, and we'll get that sorted in no time! :D

It's the 3rd one like this in the last 9 months that I have run into. The books were added as they were bought to the mess. Having a few extra sets of hands would be great!

This looks tedious! But it will be pretty cool when it is all done! Comic book store... Sounds like a dream come true!

Tedious and very boring. It's the same process over and over stuffing boards into bags, then comics into bags, then taping bags closed. But in the end the process will give me around 11,000 items in the store ready to be purchased on day one. Plus a lot of it I can dump on the Wife and

!trdo & !BEER

Good luck with the store mate!
Got distracted by the cover image of the post 😁

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LOL...I might have selected that cover for that exact reason.

And thank you

That is a lot of comics to sort and bag. You need not only your kids but at least one friend each of your kids. Though if they are fans of comics much work may not get done.

My kids understand how to handle everything as they have grown up in the business...I don't trust most other kids. But some extra hands would make this go much faster for sure.

Wow! That's a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be fun! Wishing you much success in your endeavor. Happy weekend!

Oh there really is nothing fun about the processing end of comics except for maybe finding a "key" comic in the middle of the common stuff. Always exciting stumbling on money...but other then that it's just a lot of work. But the selling end I truly enjoy. Working with the customers and helping them build their collections is a good time. So this part has to be done to get to the fun part.

Love the Catwoman Hughes run!!!

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For sure. Good run for reading and great seller.

A few of em are constant wall books for us that always move.

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Catching up just a tiny bit and so happy that you're stocking up and getting ready to open your dream store, @thedarkhorse. The ones shown look brand new!

Sending lots of good vibes for opening and ongoing success.

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