The Path of Least Resistance

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I am visiting family and came across some old unpublished writing of mine, so I decided to remix it and share.

There are more weak animals than strong.

There are more gazelle than tigers. Waaaay more bass than sharks. Waaaay more flys then prey mantis.

The path of least resistance why do humans choose this? We can be anything we want. Why do most choose to be less?

Naturally, I found myself earlier in life not giving my all. The awareness of giving my all wasn't even there. Some people do not even know how to give their all.

Humans can evolve like a caterpillar. The thing about it though is a caterpillar doesn't have a choice. Life moves on the caterpillar whether it's ready to evolve or not.

Life does this to people, but the only difference is we have a choice. We can either embrace the cocoon or we can stay in the cocoon.

You gotta hear me, we are in a cocoon right now! A caterpillar ain't never flown before, it could easily say this is too hard flying is too scary and I'm just gonna chill on this leaf where it's safe and I'm comfortable. Not knowing how much more badass a butterfly is, not knowing the freedom and beauty acquired by the trials by fire.

Burst through the cocoon!

If we want it bad enough, then we gotta work, we gotta make stuff happen, it’s on us. We gotta have urgency. We gotta not waste time and get the most out of this opportunity. It's funny how deep life can be when we really go for what we want.

”Become a great servant.”

“A group of lions leads by a sheep will be defeated by a group of sheep lead by a lion.”

“Make your decisions quickly and change your mind slowly.”

“Life offers worms to the birds, but it does not deliver them to the bird's nest, they have to go get it.”

“Plants need to break through darkness to reach the light.”

These are random quotes I’ve written to myself over the years. They can pretty much apply to anything in life.

Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, take time to enjoy friends and family, reset and balance yourself. I have a feeling in 2020, Steem’s cocoon is going to open up. Will we take the leap or stay on the leaf?

This is a marathon, not a sprint. There is a time to sprint, and knowing when is what separates good from great.

Breaks are needed, like a swimmer coming up for air. Sometimes you have to let the ideas come to you instead of forcing them on paper. I find when I am actively meditating (hanging with family and friends) - when my head hits the pillow I’ll get a bombardment of new inspiration that leads to plans of action.

Get the most out of this time to replenish your energy, because it goes time soon!

Happy holidays everyone, cheers to Steem 2020!


The Art of War is a great book about this "resistance" you speak of LOL :)


Super motivational quotes bud. You seem to appear right on time every single if you know when we need a boost.

Good to know you are having a good time with your fam. That's what these days are all about after all.

Love the animal analogy. But from biological/evolutionary standpoint, it´s fair to add that even some weak animals have impressive skills to defend themselves from the predators :)

Happy holidays to and your family and all the best in 2020. I have a strong feeling that will be an amazing year for Steem and our community.

True, a poisonous frog or a porcupine would be a good example of that. Happy holidays bud, cheers!

Exactly :) Cheers & keep on steeming!

Those are some great quotes you have collected. The one of the lion reminds me of a discussion I had a few years ago with a brother, and I have been meaning to write about it ever since. One day.

Happy holidays mate.

Wise words, I’ll remember these for sure. I like the caterpillar analogy, sometimes it can be hard in life to push out of your comfort zone - but sometimes you need to make that break to achieve your full potential. Enjoy the holidays and it’s family and friends, I’m sure Steem will be even more awesome in 2020.

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Maybe we choose the path of least resistance because we are made of water :P. At least it is comforting to think so. On a serious note, I think most of us choose the easy way because we are creatures of habit.

Also, I think ambitious people are rare these days. Most have been convinced that they don't deserve any better, or that it is practically impossible for them to get bigger things done.

Just my thoughts. Enjoy your holidays!

Love the life, of every things life is name of passion struggle and successful are those who set a goal and take first to get goal.
Brother your post text is excellence motivational. I liked very much. Happy holidays. Best of luck 2020 . steem 2020 @theycallmedan, 🤗😍🤗😍

These words are golden. This is inspirational and I just had to write most parts down for guidance when down. You're a motivator and a role model to many here. I wish you the very best in the coming year @theycallmedan. More greatness to come your way. Cheers to 2020!!!!
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A group of lions leads by a sheep will be defeated by a group of sheep lead by a lion.”

To be honest though, it doesn't always follow that you have to be a lion leading sheep... you can be a gahzel who knows how to jump.

To explain this analogy; by watching and being part of the movement of all animals... and choosing the path of least resistance, not buying in to the herd mentally, you can identify opportunity.

Breaks are needed, like a swimmer coming up for air. Sometimes you have to let the ideas come to you instead of forcing them on paper.

To be fair, I can see you recognise that it's not always as simple as predator and prey, or who acts in one way or another.

It's about perspective and opportunity... the gahzel can end up sitting in a bush chilling and feeding his family...

But, it always had to keep an eye out over its shoulder for the lion 🦁😆

P.s. happy Christmas Dan

A human can be any animal spirit they want. We can think deeply about something and form a choice. Animals are mostly all instincts.
Humans live in a digital world. Physical strength is not nearly as important as mental strength if we are talking about being ”successful” in life (be it money, family, goals achieved, etc.) - so a physically weak human can have a spirit of a lion, lead like a lion and. Lions hunt by nature, gazelle are chased by nature. Nothing against the gazelle, there are some gangsta gazelle out there, but they are in the minority where as gangsta lions are in the majority.

Merry Christmas mate!

gangsta gazelles!


@theycallmedan, Most of the work hold the **SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) but Passionate Path don't hold one because it's our dream and our House 🏡 Of Creation and we set rules for it.

There is a General thought that Path Of Passion is full of roses and happy days but it's quite opposite because one have to go through from tremendous amount of efforts and so many sleepless nights.

No matter how many times we have to say but we have to say it and that is, We Write Our Destiny and that is possible because of one thing and that is, Choice. Our choices writes our every coming moment.

Have a wonderful time ahead brother and stay blessed.

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Visiting the family at this time is beautiful. I hope you can enjoy nature. God worried about your life during this year, I will leave you my Christmas post, I hope you can see it. We all need an opportunity in our lives.

Again, good to hear you thinking outloud, Dan.

As a writer, I've learned not to fear downtime. In fact, I have a line in one of my books that addresses this on a more profound level:

Those periods we consider dry spells are often secretly fertile—where our entire souls are being rewritten and readied for fresh utterance.

Thank you, for the reminder that this apparent 'dry patch' we're going through is, actually, a time of quiet, secret growth.

Here's another echo you might appreciate, from a poet who understands well the mystery of spiritual development:

Even if at this time you are enduring through a time of bleakness...bleakness is never as bleak as it seems on the surface.
At the heart of the stripped down, in the rested cold stillness of winter, there is huge movement secretly at work.

~ John O'Donohue

Happy Holidays to you and yours; may it be a time of regeneration for all. _/|\_

Holiday is coming. happy holiday Party All

This post has so much meaning and directly outlines where my boyfriend, @badseedalchemist, and I, are in our life right now...

Happy holidays and happy crhismas.

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Happy Holiday. Steem gonna rock in 2020. Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas.

Wow!!!!, I was filled with hunger, but I'm now filled with my belly. I love all your quotes, they all talk much in life how to keep moving despite the challenges sometimes beyong our control. Thanks alot, and have a happy holiday too.

happy holiday to 😘 @theycallmedan

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that was great to read the coming time hopefully will be great lots of lessons learnt now time to create history :)

Happy Holiday! Maybe this Christmas is the first Christmas with your wife.

”Become a great servant.”

Yes sir!!!!


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