***Think about ingredients of cigarettes (EN)***

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Cigarettes are harmful, we all know that. But are we really aware of what ingredients are contained in cigarettes? We distinguish between carcinogens, toxics and suspected cancer-causing substances.



  • is a liquid, black-brown hydrocarbon mixture. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, your lungs absorb about a cup of tar every year.

Heavy metals

  • like mercury. Mercury can cause various diseases in the human organism and even deposits in the brain.


  • are toxic nitric oxide mixtures. They are produced by burning the cigarette. They are one of the most carcinogenic substances ever.


  • is probably best known for its skin intolerance. Now imagine what this does in the human organism.


  • is a reducing and solvent. Serves, inter alia, as an additive for rocket fuels.


  • is a plastic that serves as a leather replacement, acid protection clothing, packaging film, etc.


  • is the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon and an important solvent, as well as a fuel additive (anti-knock agent).


  • is a pentacyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

*** Polonium 210 ***

  • This substance is caused by decayed radon which decays uranium.

    These are all substances that cause cancer. In cigarrets, however, many more toxins are included, such as: formaldehyde, aniline, lead, cadmium chloride, acrolein. These are suspected of causing cancer.

    Toxic substances:


  • is an irritant that makes the heart beat faster. As a result, the blood pressure increases. Nicotine is considered one of the strongest toxins ever. An overdose of nicotine triggers convulsions and paralyzes the respiratory center in the brain.


  • is a very poisonous, odorless gas. It is produced when the cigarette is burned. Carbon monoxide is also part of the engine exhaust gas. In the human body, it prevents enough oxygen from being transported to the internal organs.


  • is an aromatic hydrocarbon obtained by fractionation from petroleum and coal tar distillation. It is an important solvent and the starting material of many important syntheses.


  • is a colorless, anesthetic liquid that arises in the cigarette when burning sugar. The mixture of nicotine and acetaldehyde doubles the addictiveness of the cigarette.

***Cyanide ***

  • Too much inhaled hydrogen cyanide gas causes the tissue can no longer absorb oxygen and therefore immediately the suffocation death occurs. In the US, offenders are sentenced to death with hydrogen cyanide.


  • is a very toxic salt of hydrocyanic acid, which is mainly used for plastic synthesis.


  • is a strongly shiny, bluish-white heavy metal in its pure state. Low levels of zinc are vital to many animals, plants and humans. In high doses zinc also has serious health consequences


  • is the starting material of solvents and denaturants for methylated spirits.


  • are crystalline compounds which are used in pesticides

Irritant and other substances are included such as. : Ammonia, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, dust, sugar, N-nitrosoanatabine, quinoline

We feed ourselves these poisons 10, 15, 20 times or more every day.
My appeal to all: Think again about what you are doing to your body.

Think about your health

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