Charity as a use case for Virtual Reality

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All Steem/Steem Power from this post will be donated to the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

A few nights ago I found myself at the Rewind VRLO exhibition at Central Saint Martins art college in London.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.47.32.png

After spending some time looking at the different stories and games, I was drawn to Ayan's Journey. A story about children growing up in one of the hardest places to live on Earth; Somalia.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.47.15.png

The piece is only 3 minutes long but is incredibly hard-hitting. You come face to face with stick-thin children​ ​in the middle of a desert strewn with animal carcasses.

Virtual Reality is already disrupting the travel market with Thomas Cook showing revenues on their New York holidays increased by 190% when implementing VR ... is charity the next big use case?


Wow nice !

Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


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Got my full UV and resteemed too, technology and philanthropy are two of my favourite subjects!

thank you!

I donate my birthday every year to charity and want to do the same for xmas, if anyone else is in the same boat and interested in collaborating for a campaign to raise money for an effective charity, reply here.

Yeah that would be a great Idea! I hope I will have more followers on christmas! But which charity are you thinking to support?

Great Idea! Are you on ? so that we can talk more precisely how we will make it ? Maybe we should make more than one post.. so that we can collect more money?

Yes - thisisbenbrick on rocket chat.

ok I will contact you there

It's good to see there are still good people in the world <3

Of course! The good guys are more in this world!

So sad. I hope some of the wealth made through crypto brings poverty and hunger to an end in every country. No child should ever go hungry... definitely not with the current level of wealth inherent in the world.

Best idea! This is a good example for showing the whole potential from steemit to everybody! 100% Upvote from me!

heart melts if we see their situation. your cause is noble. hats off to you. i upvoted and resteemed it. video explains how bad the situation is.
i red recently that, " Somalia has untapped reserves of numerous natural resources, including uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt and natural gas. Due to its proximity to the oil-rich Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the nation is also believed to contain substantial unexploited reserves of oil." but who is going to take their fate seriously???
good post with real humanity

experiences is where it's at. interactive all the best combined with 'in-time' cryptocurrency involvement sounds even better. best of luck with everything you are working on - 100% upvoted.

It's nice when there are people like you

You are so generous, i hope that your Proyect get success.

natural usecase if you ask me!

I admire your advocacy @thisisbenbrick !

wow great

Eritrea would benefit from this too - but I wonder if there was a public square where people can experience VR in an entertainment setting approved by their government - it would make sure the person with the VR does not get shot. In Eritrea, there are more student protests, and they have a really complex coffee ceremony that might give VR more traction if you can integrate it. It might get people to think differently.

The video left me without words. Thank you for sharing and raising awareness.

I admire your mission. I am happy to see that our high technology has been used to help people in need these days through social media.
And by the way, I love the pictures. Wish I can go there someday too.

Resteemed and upvoted.
More power and keep up the good deed! @thisisbenbrick

You're so sweet, is good to know that there's people like you, thanks fpr sharing, I hope you get all the support needed. A big hug, sweet dreams.

A out Somalia I agree. I spent in Sudan 5 years , was working for UN. Terrible conditions. People are suffering a lot. It changed my mind at that time. Now I try to be userful , and donation is one of the ways . Moreover according to ancient scriptures ( Veda) such activity purifies our existance, and we become eligible to get spiritual science

holy cow, that sure is one act of kindness! talking about your donations right here :)

with the VR you showed me something new on that topic. I would go there and check out the world myself. but the VR experience sure is crazy - especially with the voice in the background.

this inequality in our world is so sad. just had a blog post about that here in indonesia. since you're always the input for other people's output, I try to talk to people here and there. influence them in a positive way.

keep up the work and thank you!

all the best,

Excellent idea I can only vote not worth much but good luck.

Realy a preasure thanks for what you are doing.

nice approach, upvoted.

These amazing places. Photographs so truly convey the beauty of color contrast. You @thisisbenbrick are a professional photographer?

I do hope that you will get more support on this project.
Resteemed and upvoted this noble cause.

It's quite ironic that you have posted this don't spam-message three times already:p

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Please don't SPAM... take a look in this before hurting your reputation. don't SPAM... take a look in this before hurting your reputation.

i am not spaming i really need money thats y i m doing this

I feel this is one of the best uses I've seen for VR. I mean, putting someone in close proximity of others who suffer has to be heart wrenching and a persuasive way to really "walk in someone else's shoes". I think this is true for most social causes we don't understand or can't relate to. It is one thing to hear the story in the media, and a very different one to live it and see it with your own eyes. I really hope this use of VR really picks up and encourages donations, volunteering and contributions from all over the world. I'm really glad you posted this. Upvoted!

Well, I am totally for this but all I can do atm is give you upvote and reestem, gl...

I love Granary Sq, fast becoming my fav place in London. It helps that my office is just around the corner!!!

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I don't agree with the payout. I don't agree that it's a good idea to donate to centralised charity organisations. Instead we should help individuals directly with eg. getting an apartment, livestock etc.

Just looked for your posts helping individuals directly. TL:DR they don't exist.

very nice bro

Nice post! I followed you and upvoted also! :)

se petletni otrok bi to bolse skup spravo

That is nice! I gave some to charity yesterday. It feels so nice.

This is a great humanitarian initiative and we will support it by all possible means.

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Awesome technology application for a better world !

wow amazing post @thisisbenbrick
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You have my full support. Keep up the good job.

Steem should enable direct donations as a reward option.

Of course they should. It's insane that it hasn't happened already.

God bless you! The real endgame is that we have to take care of each other.

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ow love you bro.exellent post. thank you bro for sharing post.

i'm inspired by your post so i made a similar charity call.. good luck and may you help more in need.

Great job, thank you continue like this

There are so many people who need our help. I did some portraits of vanishing people

nice i resteem and follow you!

Awesome post @..

nyc post
follow and upvoted mine posts work as a friendz and team . i will do the same

Come to local VR Arcade at Cottonwood Mall and try out World Poverty Simlator 2020!

All proceeds donated to end Kony's dreadful regime!

Im literally new to steemit and have been using it for about 3h now,
I love it!!!
And so happy to see that a charity post is at the top on the photography tag! Feel's unexpected in such a good way! :)

One day I'll make a post like this! Thank you!

Great post! I would appreciate if you could check out my profile, I am new to Steemit :) PS. You have my follow and upvote ;)

Soo nice, thank you for your work !

Good job ,bel lavoro !

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This is a very sad reality for an area that has been hard hit for 20+ years! Great charity for sure.
I'm not sure I understand how vr will help...what are the ideas for implementing vr in cases such as this one?

Africa is so neglected. The world, and almost every other country is responsible for sucking it dry. No one wants to take accountability. But God is good, and people will pay. Just my thoughts on that.

salute to your awesomeness sir! God bless you more!

Good job men
Have a nice day

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That's a great photography and video love it @thisisbenbrick I appreciate your photography 🙌🙌

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