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Mr. Tuah, my father. The covid break has been one of my best ever time with my dad. Growing up, i never had a father who was conversative and around and as such, i didnt get to know much about my dad till now. He has retired from active service and due to some health conditions, he is not as active as he used to be. He stays home all the time and i am also in school all the time. The Pandemic was the magic blow to bring me and him together ones again.

Ever since the pandemic, we have grown to know each other more and i thank God for this opportunity to know my own dad. Its a blessing. We talk about health, news and life issues. This picture was captured when we went for a review in Sunyani concerning his health. And you can see how he is wearing his nose mask. Its one of the worse way to wear your nose mask when you are not using it.


Look at the glamour in his eyes. This is a priceless expression and a nice moment to capture of ones dad. My interest for photography has grown marginally with my new passion for black and whites as they seem to be truely beautiful. I think with black and white, you can easily hide your photography flaws.


You can check up on my previous post on the #monomad challenge and get up to date story of my photography.


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Thank you very much @tj4real sharing with us. It's been so great seeing you and your Dad making fun, that shows a lovely and peaceful home you have. Continue sharing some of this great content with us.

Best dad ever