Overcome the Break Up Love / Heartbreak

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Hello ... Good day for you all my steemians friends... have a great day... Today i want to share about Overcome the Break Up Love / Heartbreak...

The pain after a reasonable breakup is felt. However, if left prolonged can be harmful to health, both physically and mentally. Do not let the breakup make you hurt for too long.



"Building a love relationship is like going to war. It's always possible to win, but it's not impossible that you go home with a bloody wounded body. "

When relationships are desperately championed in the end it must fail, we tend to choose to grieve and curse the situation. Blame yourself and the couple who can not well maintain the relationship. We often forget that behind every event or event must be good to be had.

Overcoming breaking up sometimes seems as easy as pushing a big rock up a cliff, but do not despair - everyone's been through a breakup and in the end, it just makes us stronger. You may feel weak right now, but once you start to think positively and break all bonds with the former, you will be able to enjoy life again.

Follow these powerful ways to calm the heart after a breakup.

  • Stop Blaming Yourself
    The way to calm the heart after a breakup is to stop blaming yourself. Blaming yourself will only make you depressed and will not resolve the problem. Make your struggle a lesson and be grateful, because it will shape yourself into a better person.


  • Do Positive Activity
    Doing positive things that automatically, will also give positive thoughts to yourself. After breaking up start doing activities such as sports, shopping, learning musical instruments and so forth. In addition to having a positive impact, doing new activities will also make you have new friends and scope.
  • Learn To Forgive
    Saving a grudge after a breakup will not calm you down and help you live a comfortable life. Forgiving a former lover and shedding an ending relationship will not make you look weak. But to form a more mature person.
  • Spend Time With Friends
    Take time to meet your best friend. Create and feel the atmosphere of togetherness that sooner or later makes you forget about sadness. You also need to tell a person who is trusted about feelings of confusion after a break. They will listen and give feedback to calm your heart after a break.


  • Open Heart
    The most powerful way to calm the heart after a breakup is to fall in love again. Not an escape, but you also have to move on from the old life. Start multiplying friends and open your heart to new people. Do not limit yourself to the possibilities of having a new relationship.

The Reason Why Breakup Makes You Mature and Wise.
Is still your memory of the story of a breakup in the past? How could you ever be so fragile and messy then? Yes, the real failure does not merely bring sadness. There will always be a lesson that will make you more mature and wise to address the next love affair.

  1. After breaking up, you should not linger drowning in sadness. Stop questioning the situation is your way to live more peaceful
    In the early phases, you tend to be busy questioning the situation because it has not really been able to accept. You will also try to analyze and find the cause of the relationship. Being preoccupied with something that has happened will only make you weary. You do not realize you've spent a lot of time doing something that you really do not need. Worse, your mind is filled with prejudices and negative things that make you worse off. The moment of breaking up is like a test. Choosing to drown in sorrow is a failure, while trying to be firm and focused on your next life is an achievement

  2. You can heal as long as you forgive and make peace with yourself
    Being self-forgiving is an achievement to be proud of. Although the moment of breaking up makes your life a mess, you must be able to accept and respond to it wisely. Yes, your life does not mean finished after the word "broken" out of the mouth of the person you love most.

  3. Be happy because the new love is waiting for you, prepare yourself and start by loving yourself first
    It's not the end of everything. Perhaps, this moment precisely so the beginning of a meeting with a real partner. Once it has failed, you still have the right to try out a new relationship. Find a partner and live a better relationship than before. Failed experience just so stocked because many valuable lessons in moments of breaking up love.



Learning from failure is not easy. Being mature and wise to face the moment of breaking up is also no less difficult. But, are there other better ways you can do it? Because breaking up will not be how torturous, when we can accept and see it as a valuable experience.

Thank you for your time to stopping and read my blog and hopefully this will useful for you all...





Thanks for a nice Rticle.

Your welcome and i hope it's cantik be useful for all

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Well written @tjoet , adding one more point Patience is key for getting over a breakup. That, and trailing off your interaction after the breakup.

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one thing fr sure you had to do while dealing with broken heart is writing! hehehe, anyone will suddenly become a great poet while trying to write about how is felt and kept it for yourself dor some reasons. well.. it based on my experience years ago. you summarized great advise too... hope that more broken hearted people will read and not thinking about the sky is falling on them.

wish you all the best and have a great day..

Hello @cicisaja thank you for reading and stopping at my blog ... This article is also based on my experience 3 years ago ... and i hope this can be useful for all.

Nice words. Hopefully you will help someone cope with these feelings. Love hurts.

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Hello @trincowski thanks you for stopping and read my blog ... And i hope this article can be useful for all .