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RE: Current mood: Left Alone (original song)- And my stalker challenge flopped. Big surprise? Nah. Could I make this title longer? Yeah. (A lot if I wanted to)

in #life2 years ago

serena i love u even when u are being depressing and blue. just sometimes it would be nice if you were green or white, because i already have enough blue hier. think how pretty blue and green look together. ok fine i can be green.

i think the only reason to pick burning or burying is the cost to your relatives and if they wish for that type of memorial. i do a lot of genealogy, so sometimes i wish that people had markers or records that lasted. it's kinda sad when they get erased.

now with internet and block chain immutability, its tough to erase yourself. should that be an option? would you want it?

your stalker challenge didnt get a chance to fail yet. i heard a ton of people talking about it, so shut your gob and give it a chance. and drake, whoever he is, he must still care about you a bit.

yesterday i was thinking that im old and its too late to change. then i read about people who do. so its possible. but it takes the willpower to want to do it, to learn about a new hobby or travel or see things from a new perspective. blue-green is an awesome color.

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