9 reasons why young girls are scared of marriage

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I can very well understand what family pressure and social pressure is. At a very young age the family members, aunts and uncles force their daughters to get married. These young women doesn't want to get married for some or the other reasons. Many young women gets a chance to postpone their marriage by giving various excuses like they want to study or the match is not suitable for them. 

Lets discuss very important reasons why young women doesn't want to get married in their early 20's. 


Independence is such a thing that each one of us really need in this century.  Things really change when one get married as their independence depends on the atmosphere in their family. What in-laws will say and how husband is going to react on their plans, just instils the anti-marriage thoughts in their mind. 



The major issue is to change youself from a free bird to a sophisticated lady. This is a challenge in our society once a young woman get married. Adapting to a change is not at all easy for a majority of people. Young generation in their 20's and 30's doesn't even want to come out of their comfort zones. This change includes change of home,  city and maybe country, lifestyle, family, etc. Young wom have to be mentally really fit for all these changes. 


After marriage the pressure of family and their expectations increases to have childrens, to take care of each family member, to save for future and their education. 

'My life, My way, My choice' mantra lets the young women in doubt. 


None wants a halt in their career. Young women have to leave their city after getting married. This thought really submits a mental pressure on her mind that if she gets married her experience and dedication towards her job will not be counted immediately in other fields. 


NO ! No ! No !

It is a kind of love that each girl gets from her dad, her mother, her siblings. Pampering is the best thing that can happen to her. young women thinks that getting married so early would spoil the pampering she gets at home or at her home. And what really scares them is when the mother says your mother-in-law will not bear your tartrums. 


These 'whats ifs' lets young women change their views of getting married at early age. These 'whats ifs' could be 'what if' it is just infatuation', 'what if he drinks' and many more. 


After marriage the main issue is to change their identity which means to change their first name and surname many times. This really bothers a young women because they lived with it since childhood. 


Not every young women is comfortable with taking responsibilities at their early ages. The main responsibility is to take care of the whole family and then sometimes to cook food And behave good with the relatives. 

Don't you agree the young women almost 50% of them clean their home, cook food and then take care of childrens. And a few of them go out for jobs. 


After getting married, the women has to take care of all the new relations that she shares with her in-laws. She can never show tantrums to anyone of them like she does at her home before marriage. Marriage is not a unite of two individuals and of their two families also. It is not only their relationships that scares her but the responsibilities and adjustment really need time to make her a better person.

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Bad relationship between their parent's can also be a reason.

It's a real shame that these are issues because they shouldn't be. My wife & I have changed our identities, no denying that, but it's been in a real positive & constructive way. Find the right one & the issues cease to be issues.

yes the reasons are valid and the main reason is they have to leave their parents and live with another family, thats the main problem they are feared off unlike boys who will be living in the same family :)

You're absolutely right @akhil80

totally agree. with the tech age right now, one really has to think 10 times more in getting into a permanent relationship. Anyway, there is a saying that goes that nothing is permanent. Everything is borrowed from God.

You are right
Everything is borrowed from god
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Totally agree with all that. In many situations, parents are reason. Great post ! Upvoted, followed you, please upvote my posts to. Thank you