An animated genre.

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The animated genre of fine arts was born almost 35 thousand years ago. In those distant times, the original artist did not call his work an art, the more so - animalist. He created pictures of animals, because he linked with them his idea of ​​the relationship between the image and the real animal, and hence the successful hunt for it.

Images found in the caves, not only reveal the peculiarities of the perception of the original artist, but also give us the opportunity to note his observation and the ability to convey the appearance of a real animal, its character.

Over the entire period of the existence of fine art, there will never be such unanimity in the reproduction of the subject. It is in the art of the Paleolithic that one can trace how the artist's skill grew. If at first the drawings were executed with rough, imperfect lines, then the technique of cave painting becomes almost realistic.


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