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RE: Memo to the Neighbor Who Told Me Not to Walk My Dog in the Middle of a Hot Day

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Have you tried hanging a bell on the door for your dog to ring when he/she needs to go out? We did that for my old dog and it worked like a charm. So long as someone was home to hear the bells you never had to worry about accidents. Sometimes the bell would be used to “abuses” to chase squirrels or something but it was well worth it.

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Amazing idea. Maybe I will try it. He's gotten fairly good at whining when he wants to go out, though (mostly if he hears a squirrel in the yard).

An easy way to teach them is just ring the bell anytime you go out with them. Eventually the dog will figure it out. Also a nice side effect we saw was less barking/whining and more bell ringing when a squirrel goes by.

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