What is the meaning of life?

in #life2 years ago

Question - What is the meaning of life? Answer - we are all here to gather information for the divine mind.

My idea of Success in life should be measured by the amount of free time, experience, innovation and information one gathers and not by the amount of money or physical possessions one can collect. It’s only been a few hundred years that land has had a monetary value and since money is created from debt and not backed by any physical asset like gold ( a heavy yellow metal ) it begs the question, have our generations have been screwed over by a fraudulent system? But do we really want to allow future generations to spend their whole life working to try to achieve the ability to own a house and land. I’ve come to the conclusion that owning nothing is the greatest form of freedom and for me happiness. But Everyone is different.

In Australia wage growth is around 3% per annum while for the last 40 years property prices have increased by around 6% pa. That is not a sustainable system. 50 years ago you could work hard for 10 years and buy a cheap house but now if you saved for 50 years maybe you could buy a house if the prices stopped increasing by 6% pa. If they did continue to increase by 6% you might have to work forever, literally. The moral of the story is that it’s not an accident, it’s by design and there is only one way around it. Get a bank loan. Jeezzz I wonder who came up with this system. Just like I wonder what percentage of Australians realise the RBA reserve bank of Australia is a privately owned corporation owned by foreign corporations. Even the Australian Government is a corporation that wealthy foreigners can invest in and profit from in the form of government bonds. I’m not making this stuff up, its public information. Just not that well widely known.

But the biggest scam of all is that when you get a loan from a bank that money is created out of thin air and because you pay back almost 2-3 times as much to accommodate for the interest, there will never be enough money in existence to pay back the debt and that’s why the world is around 66 trillion dollars in debt the last time I checked and growing more everyday. I hate money and the strangle it has on most people. I would rather live in a world without money and where everything is free but that doesn’t really work either. Who would go to work if everything is free and then how would we get our food and other crap we don’t even need. Robotics and Artificial intelligence will dominate the workforce in the next few decades, but if we all lose our jobs how can we buy anything that the robots create. It’s a real dilly of a pickle (whatever that means) Also without competition in business and the workforce, there will not be as much innovation and advancement for our species. These are the questions that capitalism, socialism and greed fail to answer. But then again they are not easy questions for anyone to answer. We might have to start thinking about and working on a new alism aka freealism infoalism experialism technalism.

I just think if you have 50 years on the earth in your prime, then try to find a way to maximise that time to learn, grow and experience as much as you can. Travel the world, learn new things, be artistic and creative, do what you want to do. Where there is a will there's a way. Visualise your goals and work towards turning them into your reality. Or just keep working like a slave to the money or the lawn (that friggin grass just keeps coming back) and do those other things on the weekend. That’s not to bad really either. When the world wanted to abolish slavery, the bankers who owned all the farms just came up with a new system to make us all slaves to the money.

What do you think? Or just crack another beer and forget we are living in a false enslaved reality! That’s what alcohol does, it makes you forget. I used to go out and get blind drunk and then just wake up the next day like a mindless zombie with no recollection. I can see clearly now the alcohol is gone. But at the end of the day everyone has something they use to escape reality, and reality is the most important thing humanity needs to face.


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