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RE: Current mood: Left Alone (original song)- And my stalker challenge flopped. Big surprise? Nah. Could I make this title longer? Yeah. (A lot if I wanted to)

in #life2 years ago

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A few things.

  • You pronounced "Jurado" perfectly. Good job. Even many humans get it wrong.

  • You also said "barf green" perfectly. Just like me. I am impressed.

  • "That's for darn sure" sound like a Nashville tourist who is trying to sound like they're really from Nashville. This is rather advanced accenting from a bot.

  • I said "fontally".. and you said "Fondantly." Fondant is for cake decorating. Fontally is the way in which someone commands a font size or shape. To be fair, I made the word up. Not your fault, really.

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