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The shortest way to success, is to stay within the confines of people with the same success vision and passion. Everyone on earth is an average of five people he hangs out with. If you have five pastors as friends, you will soon become the sixth one, and if you have five comedian friends, you will soon be the sixth one. If you have five poor people as friends, then be prepared to be the sixth one.

Your association will determine your assimilation, and your assimilation is a clear reflection of your success output. You cannot speak to a little child only Chinese language and you are expecting him/her to speak English. What you hear and accept, is the same thing you will reproduce.

I will not over emphasis the need for us to be around the people of the same quest and passion in life, if we want to produce the same result those people are producing.
It is pure insanity to ask a vulcanizer how to treat HIV infection, or go to a motor mechanic to be advised on how to repair your private jet engine. Funny enough, that is what we do every day of our life.

We all go to school to be financially free, forgetting that no professor has made the first 100 position in the world richest rating. We all look for a job to solve our financial needs and be rich, forgetting that no rich man works for somebody.

Please stop seeking advice from the wrong people in life, always ask yourself, am I getting advice from someone with feasible result? If your answer is no, please do not adhere to such advice or instruction.

For how long shall we seek advice from the wrong people and profession? I have taken ten years of my life for deep research on financial freedom and eradication of poverty. I was opportune to obtain information from the right people with great result, and they told me the magic three principles for wealth.

  1. To be Rich, you must hate poverty, and be prepared to do what others are not doing, or willing to do, because success is not for everyone, because you must obey its principles.
  2. Think globally, but start locally
  3. Success is copy and paste, so copy your mentor process and paste