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I started hearing this when I was growing up that one should rise up early in the morning with the sun. We used to go to school early in the morning. But things changed later to different scenarios. I joined the 2nd shift college and as a result, waking up till late night shifted the habit of early in the morning to noon. After that, the jobs I was doing for earning for the living also demanded me to start my visits to the market in the noon. Collectively the environment around me never pushed me to wake up early in the morning but to stay awake at night. As a result, I am now finding it hard to wake up early in the morning.

I do remember that when I joined the call center, I was going for the shift and 10 PM and coming back at 7 AM. This was the time when I started seeing the face of the morning again. But as I was working two jobs, marketing in the day and call center in the night, I was not able to enjoy the morning time. I was tired all the time and was working 21 hours a day. Sleeping was the only blessing I was enjoying in 2-3 hours and Sunday was like a day in heaven i.e. sleeping the whole day. No one asked me to do this, neither I was pushed by the circumstances but I was in a race with my elder brother. As my brother was earning a handsome salary, I decided to work hard and reach his salary just for fun.

Next face was freelancing, when I was working 6 AM to 1 PM for Singapore client, 2 PM to 6 PM for another client and 6 PM to 3 AM for a US client. I was in a room for almost a year doing jobs like these and I realized that my social life has become zero that's where I decided to reduce the working hours and enjoy the rest of the time with family.

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Anyhow, I described the whole scenario in order to show the picture of why I was unable to enjoy the morning time. I am waking up early in the morning from last 3 days and I am loving it. I enjoy the peace, I see the sky, I hear the birds and then I start working. I have started sleeping early after playing badminton and that is how I am able to wake up early in the morning. Though I take a nap again between 10 AM to 1 AM and this nap is the sweetest nap that I am enjoying.

This is the second step which is adding positivity in my life. First one was starting badminton again. I hope that I am going to keep this up and enjoy the blessings of life as Allah is blessing me. I would love to hear how you are living your life and how you add new experiences and positivity in your life.


Positive morning bring us the best in a full day...!!!

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Positivity is a matchless power buddy :)

I try doing some yoga every morning, followed by 10 minutes of meditation. Eventhough its just a small change of habit, it made my life so much more balanced.

You are doing great and making the difference :)

Waking up early start the day with positivity especially seeing the rising sun it seems like the Earth is waking up with it:)

well said Ayesha ... welcome to Steem World :)

People are very different. Some wake up early in the morning while others wake up late and feel absolutely perfect.

That's a stunning angle to see things. Good to read this comment, happiness is the key. One can feel perfect by not waking up early in the morning, that's a possibility.

Thanks. For me it's reality. It's much more important to get enough sleep. If sleeping is not enough (less 6-9 hrs per day), it can result in real health issues.

I get up early because I have to. We have a homestead with animals and gardens to tend to. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, or sun....they need tending. But I love doing it. When I get up just before the sun is hot, I get to stroll the gardens, hear the morning birds sing, see the butterflies all over our plants, the bees buzzing, hear our rooster crow. It's such an amazing feeling. I'm blessed to have this. I like to enjoy all of this before it gets too hot. This week we will reach triple digit heat so if I don't get up early to enjoy it, I won't be enjoying it much at all because I don't go out to the gardens much during the hot part of the day. I'd miss out on the blessings and beauty. I love my morning stroll through the gardens. :) XOXO

wow ... that's a good comment to welcome the sun :)

@uio that's a great write up expressing how much you started enjoying the mornings. I too worked in a night shift job for one year. that year every day including weekends never saw the sun or embrace the fresh nature. After giving uup the job, I started waking up every morning early . people really dont give enough thought about this. Early mornings are the beautiful thing in a day where we just wake up and our thoughts are still not polluted by every day things. thanks for sharing these thoughts. I will upvote fully and resteem this.

Good to know that you were doing the night shift and later started enjoying the fresh nature in the morning :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic.

Life always keeps us up and down I know how a call centre job would be because I worked inside on these industry. After working in these industries, the man does not know the day and night. The most useless thing I find in the industries is that you get more night shifts in call centres. This would completely spoil your routine its impact falls directly over your body.

Only a TSR can understand what you are trying to say, I felt the same in that time. Thanks for sharing your feelings about the night shifts :)

That's Amazing!

Always the same comment is not amazing to me.

Always the same comment is not amazing to me.

I wake up at 6am but go back to bed and wake up at 10am. 😂😂

hahaha ... good one.

Always the same comment is not amazing to me.

Que hermoso paisaje

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Yo también amo este paisaje.

Yo también amo este paisaje.

A pleasant wakeup gives a pleasant day.

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indeed, fresh day fresh start.

Waking up early was never my routine
But now I wake up on time knowing fully well that my future is at stake
I don't wish to waste any second of my time like my life depends on it
We all have many reasons for always being up early
And this is mine.
Am solely setting pace for my future😊😊😊

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Good to see that you are motivated now, best of luck :)

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I've been thinking about getting up early. Often when I first wake up, it still seems too early and so I will fall back asleep until the alarm sounds. The thing is that when I get this "extra" sleep, I end up feeling groggier and worse than the times when I get up and out of bed right away.

Your post has inspired me to get up as soon as I wake up, starting tomorrow morning!

I am happy to know that because of this post you are going to give this a try :)

Dear @uio,
I like the freshness that provides the mornings to my life. Sometimes I push my limits trying to focus on a task as long as possible, I discovered this way to achieve deep learning.
Have a nice day!

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Keep Learning Keep Growing :)

Amazing scene to start a day. love it :)

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Enjoy the party of life :)

That how's our life goes when we grow up we miss the things that we've doing when were just a child miss the old town and even your old house...

Enjoy the moments and keep adding more in your life album :)

life is full of good and bad things I think everything depends how we want to see if we only see the problems of day to day expenses and obligations can fall into depression. but if we get up we are glad to have one more day of life to share with the family petting our pet or just working in a good working environment we can realize at the end of the day that although it was a day of work in the routine as all the there is also some happiness

Good point, enjoy what you do.

morning, have a nice day

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same to you buddy :)

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