A quiet street in St Louis

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Earlier this week I had to do a service and panel change on what I thought to be a quiet street in St Louis.

The first day went off without a hitch but when I got there the next morning I noticed this white car as I was turning around to grab a parking space.


It had been rear ended. Hard. Plastic is laying all over the place. Apparently, it had happened right here. And there were no skid marks. The rear end is crushed and the back window is blown out.

When I parked, I noticed there was a car that was half parked on the sidewalk. Maybe because parking is limited? Then I got out of my truck and looked at it.


Why was there a tire wedged between the two cars?

I then realized that both cars had been somehow hit. The one right in front of this one had a little damage. The only thing I saw right off was that the driver's mirror had been broken.


I went on in and did my work. When I came back out later, the car on the left in the 2nd photo had been moved and I could see the damage on the black car.



I'm not completely understanding what happened. There's no real body damage on this car indicating a hit and run. No broken glass. No broken plastic. But whole wheel and strut? How does that happen?

I found out that these two vehicles belonged to the mother and daughter whose service I was changing. So that day they not only didn't have a car to go anywhere, they had to sit in their apartment with no A/C and no lights.

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