Questions about the coin shortage

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Riddle me this, Batman.

Was there a coin shortage in January? If not, why is there one now?

Who controls the disbursement of coinage? Of currency?

Who has the most to gain if there's not enough cash?

Who stands to profit from a cashless populace?

Remember Greece.


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I follow you because I heard you join the freewriters.

If you spend too much, do not stick to your budget and print extra to cover it up it's a shortage.

it's all a bunch of crap. There's too many coins and everyone knows it. So many coins in fact that for years some banks refused to accept them as deposits. There's plenty of coins and I can't say what the motivation of the businesses that decided to go "cashless" was, but the big retailers like "5 guys" forced their stores to accept cash again because it wasn't actually a corporate decision.