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RE: Sigh. But okay. Life is good even when it's not.

in #life2 years ago

I have found it useful to recognize that my assumptions about what others think are based on my own thinking, as I am incapable of reading minds. A few years ago I attained a transcendent epiphany that changed my reactions to events that seemed to be personally directed at me with malice aforethought. While my fear of failure before led me to become angry when bad things happened, now I pretty much laugh at them.

For some reason, when things go terrible wrong, my first instinct now is to laugh at my circumstance, and it seems the more difficult the challenge that seems insurmountable, or difficult to overcome, the harder and longer the urge to laugh is.

May you find joy in all your circumstances, whether seemingly good or ill. In truth, were there no adversity, we'd not grow. For every hard time we surmount, we are increased in competence and psychological robustness.