surprised you've fallen for this massive false flag phony fake hoax show.

meanwhile, the entire financial system is melting down.

First, I don't think it's phony, just less dangerous than totalitarian globalist government. Second I care more about society than the economy it generates. Third I realize we disagree on many topics, but I don't think the superior value of society to the economy is one of them.

there is no society without its economy - 'the life is in the blood.'

Perhaps money flows in your veins. It does not in mine.

way to go to completely miss the analogy just to make an ad hominem.


You won't see this because you're a coward without the courage of your convictions, but that wasn't an analogy.

Many societies exist without money.

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Well said. It is telling how, from the early days to the official in Wuhan saying he didn't have "authorization" to every US organization now, in centralization individuals and institutions can't act until someone else tells them what to do.

Is it your appearance? It looks like a Puritan. It shows the will of the American man who pioneered the wild nature of the Americas.
It seems that humans who cling to riches and desires eventually brought the epidemic.

I think multinational corporations that enslave humans should disappear.

Many years ago the admonition Leviticus 19:27 pestered me incessantly, and I quit cutting my hair and shaving. I probably more resemble Esau than Jacob today.

"I think multinational corporations that enslave humans should disappear."

The character played by Jeff Goldblum in 'Jurassic Park' revealed this will happen when delivering the line 'Life finds a way.'

The unnatural, or Antichrist, power of institutions will not forever impose force on life, and humanity is part of the immortal organism that is life on Earth.

Particularly, this dissolution of that unnatural power will inevitably occur when humanity becomes capable of life off Earth. No institutional power will thereafter compel humanity, or life, by any force.


My one question if this is flying flocking HIV?
Isn't preventing infection just delaying the
inevitable? All the people not getting the HIV
because of isolation. Will eventually get the
HIV because everyone has it right?

Oh the bio-weapon bit is based on the fact that
certain ethnicities have more ace-2 cells in the
lungs than others. So, if the virus tends to infect
ace-2, that means those with more of those cells
are going to having a harder time with infection?

Reducing the rate at which the infection spreads increases the availability of medical resources to treat those that need it. Flattening the curve reduces the CFR and more people survive.

If 100 people are going to get a disease, and there are only 10 beds available, if all 100 get it at the same time, 90 of them will not get a bed. If 20 of them get it a month for 5 months, half of them will get a bed.

As to the ACE2 issue, the study - the only study I have seen which is supportive of this theory - was not peer reviewed, had exactly 8 subjects to base conclusions on, one of which was an Asian male, and none of which were Caucasian males. What is the basis for concluding from this study that Asians are more susceptible to SARS2 than Caucasians? It's nothing but speculation.

While we can't trust official numbers, since no one but Singapore and South Korea have carefully tracked infections and outcomes, which doesn't affect this issue, today Europe has surpassed all of Asia, including both China and Iran, in officially reported deaths from SARS2. Information from both Iran and Italy indicate they have rates of infection and CFR there, where populations are primarily Caucasian, that are higher than those reported in any ethnically Asian country.

Available evidence, as sketchy as it is, and utterly incapable of being trusted, reveals that the ethnic targeting theory regarding ACE2 expression is backwards. From the data we now see regarding infections and deaths on the ground, Caucasians are more susceptible to infection and fatality from SARS2 than Asians.

In fact, we just have no evidence for any such ethnic targeting or difference for SARS2, because there's no good evidence at all.

A couple weeks ago I read an article on Breitbart that claimed a researcher in Beijing had been convicted and jailed for selling more than $1m worth of used lab animals in a wet market. There was no link to source in the article, and I searched for that source. I found dozens of articles that repeated the claim, simply copy and paste from Breitbart, but no source.

Sometimes people make shit up on the internet for reasons. This ACE2 ethnic targeting theory appears to be exactly that, although the study posted on BiorXiv at least exists, despite not providing evidence supporting the actual ethnic difference in ACE2 expression due to it's lack of participants. You just can't extrapolate from one individual an ethnic difference common to billions of people from an ethnic group that wasn't even represented in the study at all.

I have posted a link to the original study on BiorXiv in the OP, and you can read it for yourself, which I recommend you do if you want to actually understand the basis for the claimed ethnic targeting. There is no nominal evidence whatsoever for that claim, and current infection and fatality rates in predominantly Caucasian nations indicate the opposite targeting has more evidence.

While the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, it's absence of evidence, and can't support extraordinary conclusions, which require extraordinary evidence.

I wasn't aware the one study with only eight participants was the only ace2 study. For some reason I was under the impression this factor was common knowledge. I think both Boyle and Adams were talking about ace2 matter of factually and if they did so based on a 8 participant study. Ehh, I doubt they both would fall for something like that?

This is why I discussed the Breitbart article. They don't cite sources. Look for sources. If there are no sources other than their unsupported claims, it's not reasonable to believe their unsupported claims IMHO.

I can't find any other sources for this claim, and I've looked. If you can find sources other than the study I linked in the OP, I'd really appreciate a link.

Even outside of the possibility that ACE2 may or may not be race specific. If you catch the HIV flu and you're shedding HIV. Basically, everyone will be shedding HIV. Everyone will get the HIV regardless of how well an individual shelters. One day they'll come into contact with an asymptomatic HIV disease bag who doesn't know they're shedding the virus. The whole thing seems basically impossible to avoid.

"Everyone will get the HIV regardless of how well an individual shelters."

This is factually incorrect. It is not unstoppable. There are functional procedures that have been shown to prevent infection, otherwise there wouldn't be a doctor or nurse left in the world that would treat victims.

Treat everyone and yourself as if they were infected, and undertake the necessary procedures to prevent spreading the infection. It's up to us - not our overlords - who survives the pandemic, and the totalitarian aftermath of the oppressive quarantines too.

I guess we shall see what it do, but if a random sneeze or rub of the eyes or touch of the face can give ya HIV. It's just stupid, we'll have to cure HIV.

I think there is a cure: DRACO. It works by finding viral RNA actively being replicated in a cell, and triggering the cell to die. This ends the viral infection. So far it's been tested on more than a dozen RNA viruses and killed them all in vitro. However, a broad spectrum cure for viral diseases is a total destruction of Big Pharma's business model selling vaccines and prescriptions for incurable diseases. They won't fund it, and they also control government funding agencies through graft and corruption, so in vivo testing won't be funded by NIH or CDC either.

Todd Rider has even tried to get crowdfunding to push DRACO further towards approval for public use, but hit the wall. Bill Gates and his buddies don't need funding from other sources to pay for in vivo testing.

I think banksters have the cure. I don't think they're gonna share. I think they want us dead, or sterilized if we live, and better if we have AIDS.

Search DRACO on the duck, or check my backlog for links.

I found some further information outside
of the study with eight participants that
suggest ace-2 is involved.

"If we think of the human body as a house and 2019-nCoV [another name for SARS-CoV-2] as a robber, then ACE2 would be the doorknob of the house's door. Once the S-protein grabs it, the virus can enter the house," Liang Tao, a researcher at Westlake University who was not involved in the new study, said in a statement."

Scientists figure out how new coronavirus breaks into human cells

Researchers at Westlake University Unveiled Structure of the RBD-ACE2-B0AT1 Complex

"Structural basis for the recognition of the SARS-CoV-2 by full-length human ACE2"

Apparently, ibuprofen might increase ACE-2, so there is some chatter about that being a bad idea.

Yes, the ACE2 receptor is how the virus gets into human cells. But, none of those papers discusses ethnic differences in ACE2 expression, which is what I haven't found any support for, and is what is behind claims it is an ethnically targeted bioweapon. It may be a bioweapon, and I'm more convinced than ever it was at least bioengineered in a lab, but that's not saying it's ethnically targeted.

Dunno if you saw it, but I posted about Shi Zhengli who tinkered with bat SARS-like viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology by adding the SARS ability to enter human cells with the ACE2 receptor. She also found adding chunks of HIV to them 'interesting'.

I posted about her and her work at WIV recently.

Good finds regarding ACE2 and susceptibility to SARS2.


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Humanity has always had "prophets," from Mozi to Marx, claiming inevitability of "liberty, equality, and brotherhood." The collective sum of human experience clearly demonstate the fallacy of such delusions. For Marx, it was inevitability of economic history; for you, it is the inevitability of physics. When central authority and legitimate hierarchy collapse, men do not prosper, but rather subsist in poverty, chaos, and misery, until central power is re-established by their betters.

Epidemics require quarantine enforcement of procedures to contain the disease. Without the central authority and the heavies to enforce the policies, the quarantine is but a suggestion, which the muck blithely ignore. Who will stop the current mass migration into civilised world from the impoverished regions, and the consequent spread of illness, if not central authority and power? Who will stop transport and travel of goods and people, if not institutional authorities? The news agencies in the West has been on a full fear-monger panic mode, since the viral infection was detected. What each nation requires to control this infection is iron fisted enforcement of quarantine policies, conducted by a central authority, capitulating to a single throne, from which an iron-willed monarch directs humanity's response. What the world needs is emergency powers granted to the executives of each major nation-states to fully control the epidemic.

The fear spread by the enemedia has been enhanced by gross censorship of the 'infodemic' at the request of the WHO. Lacking information, unaware of facts, but told of pandemic, of course people are fearful, and without knowledge of what to do and when, they are left at the mercy of your blood thirsty overlords.

The overlords aren't saving us.

They're sacrificing us.

Edit: also, I note the significant difference between the sciences of history and physics. History is the lies of conquerors. Physics is actual science.

Take off your tin-foil hat. Even incompetent governments of your Western democracies will work to preserve their tax base. The problem with government operating via popular polls is the lack of leadership, not "censorship."

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