Advice yourself instead of getting it from others

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There are many individuals that are suffering only because they are unable to find the right direction in their life. They are looking for a mentor but sometimes you have to become your own mentor because that is the only way you will succeed.

Other people advising might be a taunt


In case that you are planning to get advice from others, there are chances that they will give you the wrong guidance. There are only a few individuals that are sincere with you and they might not have enough knowledge to advise you. In this situation, it is better that you advise yourself.

You might have been thinking that how it will work. Here are a few amazing things that you should consider.

No one understands you better than yourself


We know ourselves better than anyone else. You might think that your friends, your monitor or your family members understand you. However, there is a part of us that is hidden from the world.

When you advise yourself you become a better person

Your parents know you only because of the time you spend with them. They do not know the person you are with your friends. Similarly, your friends do not know the personality that you have in your home. The only person that completely understands you is YOU. So it is important that you start listening to yourself for the proper advice and guidance

You know your weaknesses


A common mistake that most of us make is that we do not pay attention to our gut feeling. Most of the people have the misconception that there is nothing like a gut feeling. However, if you will pay proper attention you will notice that your gut feeling is actually your intuition guiding you.

  • There will come a time when you will not share your fears with people around you
  • Some of your fears are hidden deep inside your heart and no one can guide you about them because they do not know these fears exist.
  • When you will start accepting yourself the way you are only them you will be able to guide yourself

Even if you get a mentor you will be only able to succeed when you want. If you will notice the best mentors will always guide you to pay attention to what you want and not to what others want from you. When you will be able to define what you really want only then you will succeed.

Personal advice leads to growth


With the help of personal advice, your growth will begin. You will be able to identify all the negative habits that you have. With the passage of time you will start working on a single habit and soon you will be able to correct them all.

You will notice that it will help you succeed. Self-advice is the road to success. You will never guide yourself to the wrong path. Start paying attention to what your mind tells you.

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Other people cannot give you a sound advice, unless they are expert for this; even then, you are the one who can understand well your own needs, potentials, and you will be successful if listen to yourself.

The mastery is to be able to listen your own self, not your ego or your identity constructed on others expectations.

Those were some very good points. I think that as we develop more self-awareness, we can gradually learn more about ourselves, and make better decisions for ourselves.

As Socrate said: ”Know yourself.” So yes, you re right.

When you hit rock bottom and start seeing things for what they are, you discover your real self. You understand what you are capable of and you become aware of your limitations. Following your instinct/ gut is a good advice. Though, once in a way it does not hurt asking for some feedback, just to ensure that you are still on the good path. Great post!

Sadly, when people hit rock bottom usually they are not able to see things on a constructive perspective. They see just the effect and that's it. The others, exactly as you said. Thank you for your intervention.


Mersi de vot Razvane!

Thank you for your awesome feed! Can't wait to hear and read more from you :)

Meditation helps me a lot to have a mindful mind and self-awareness

i like to post, the is life to people

True. For me, I tend to advise myself first. thinking that when I share my problems to others, they might end up judging me. But when I really can't resolve it myself, that is when I ask guidance from others. :)