Are you on the track of personal development? It's time to find out

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 Personal development is an important part of life because you cannot succeed without it. Most of the successful people are not happy or satisfied with their success.

 The reason is that they have lost something important in order to become successful. Now their success is not giving them the happiness and peace of mind that they had before.  I can understand that how important success is for you at this stage of life. The best way to achieve it is through personal development. IF, you are working on yourself and your habits.

 Here are a few things that will help you test your progress.  

 You work smart 

 Hard work is important but when you work smartly you get better results. Some of the people work hard but they do not get the results they deserve similarly some work smartly and such individuals fail at some point in their life because that is not the right way of working.  

 However, when you will combine your hard work with some smart tricks you will notice that you will not get tired and the results will be amazing. 

 Your company includes successful people

  Your company defines who you really are.   

  • When you are working on your personal development you will have the company of successful people
  • You will avoid those who have a negative impact on your progress
  • You will learn from people that are better from you. 
  • Mentors will prefer to take you as their student because they will see potential in your capabilities

 You are not afraid of failure

  Failure is something we all are afraid of. However, with personal development, the fear of failure is removed from life. The individuals that are not afraid of failure finds a way to get out of their problem. 

 You: Let us work on a new project

Friend: I don’t think it is a good idea

 You: we should try and see 

Friend: do it on your own I do not have time for it

 You: we can manage time if you do not want to help it is Ok 

Friend: I know you will fail  

 You: I failed. But I know my mistakes 

Friend: stop wasting your time 

 You: I am trying again and I know it will work 

Friend: you are stupid

 You: I succeed, now you are getting the promotion next month  

Friend: I wished I have participated with you 

 This is how personal development will help you to stay focused on your goals even after failure. 

Spend time with your family 

 You learn to manage your time. You assure that you take out special time for family events and gatherings. Dont you ever leave your kids alone on their special competitions. On the road of personal development, you assure to enjoy your success with the people who would be proud of you. 

When you will notice that your success is not ruining your relationship with your family that is the time you  understand that you have developed yourself.   


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That is so motivated with me. Thanks Buddy

My pleasure. :)

love this @vandrei.razvan and your blog touchs on my passing thought that I saw you upvote thanks for that. So true we do become a product of the environment that we allow ourselves to be a part of. I never believe in natural born winners or loses when we are all natural born choosers. Without this kind of Brain food we all mentally starve and the ability we all have to create becomes dumbed. Thanks for the share :)

In essence, we are all winners. If you would know that in the future you are a winner, that doesn t make you today a winner? Of course it does. Because the todays actions are those who makes you winner. Action and belief. The ultimate formula.

Yes you are right mr. I think mostly peoples are not satisfied with his work... And i think this is wrong..

Imagine that people spend per day an average of 8h working. 8h sleeping, 2h transportantion, 1-2h eating, +kids, +dog, +bills+ rest, +etc. Your day is already spent. Yes, you re right, is very wrong to not be satisfied with your work.

So inspiring my friend, its very useful i think.
I just joined steemit and post my story, please check
Warm regards

Thanks for the information @vandrei.razvan I am trying to develop myself for the future

Personal development is very in need by anyone for our benefit and others. As I followed the training for oengembangan myself as a general practitioner. Because we always need science. Greetings very good post friend @vandrei. razvan my greetings for you @nurdianamanaf

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Great post @vandrei.razvan. Dream stealers can put a wet blanket over your dreams..never let them do it..believe in your dreams! :)

Amazing post

buenas tardes @ vandrei.razvan excelente post, me identifico con el contenido,de hecho publique uno con un enfoque similar que se basa en mi historia personal, tienes mi voto y mi seguimiento espero que puedas dar una vuelta por mi post y me comentes que tal te parece. feliz tarde.

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