Is competitive behavior important for growth and success?

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Humans are born with the competitive nature. Since the first man was born on this earth the competition began. What we do not understand is that we should learn to differentiate between positive and negative competitions.

Everyone will love you until you become a competition

Most of us take competition negatively and when we see the disturbing outcomes we develop anticompetition behavior. It is not competition if you find success by destroying others. It is termed as jealousy and this is the behavior we need to avoid.

It is important that you indulge ourselves in positive competition because that is the only way we will succeed. Here are some of the ways how your competitive behavior can help you succeed.

The growth will be unstoppable


Competition leads to growth. However, it is important that you compete with your own self. Competing with others is something that would lead to the development of negative behavior if you're not careful. When you will compete with yourself you will get the following benefits:

  • You will try to become a better person then you were before
  • Creativity and thinking power will enhance and you will try to work on a project that is better than your previous ones
  • Competing with yourself will give you the courage to help others and learn from them.
  • You will notice that every new project that you work on will be better than previous one.

If you will look around you will notice that all the successful people are competing with themselves. Let's see what Matthew McConaughey(Interstellar's main actor) has to say about this:


"When I was 15 years old I had a very important person in my life come to me and say:'Who's your hero?'

"I said I don't know, 'I've got to think about that, give me a couple of weeks.'

"I come back two weeks later, this person comes up and says: 'Who's your hero?'

"I said, 'I've thought about it - it's me in 10 years!'

"So I turned 25 and that same person came to me and said, 'So are you a hero?'

"I was like, 'Not even close. My hero is me at 35.'

"Every day, every week and every month and every year of my life my hero is always 10 years away.

"I'm never going to be my hero. I'm not going to attain that - I know I'm not. That's just fine with me because it gives me someone to keep on chasing.

You will be ready to take a risk


Competition makes you brave. There are many individuals that like to keep it safe. Once the time of taking the risk has passed and someone else has enjoyed the opportunity all that is left for them is regret.

They wanna see you do good but never better than them.

Remember that when you are not competing everyone will love you. The reason is that you are not a threat to them. The moment you will start competing with yourself your progress will begin and everyone will try to bring you down except those who truly love you.

So stop wasting your time and start taking risks because that is the only way you will succeed.

You will always follow the right path


Competition might sound like a dangerous word but the moment you start competing you will find the right path.

Do what is right not what is easy

You will understand that there is nothing in doing the easy things. You will try something new every time and you will notice that how the world around you will change. You will stop thinking about what others are saying about you. That is the point when your real growth will begin.

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competition is necessary to our survival, you cannot always have a ford car in your lifetime, because there's always better than ford company that produces cars. The lion evolved into a killing machine, because of competition from the other predator like hyena.

But as much as we eagerly participate in and objectify competition, we should also realize that in most cases, two is better than one.

Great words, well done
The honest competition is required, and the important thing is to work
Great post

Great post. Although comparing yourself to others also sets standards you can use to better yourself. I believe the focus and goal should be always be better than you were yesterday but the standards you can create for yourself can be from that of someone better or equally as skilled as you are currently.
For my personal goals i sometimes compare myself with others and compete with them to be better than they are as a milestone. They don't have to know i'm competing with them per say but i may be.
But at the end of the day your message is still great, keep working on self improvement!

Good writing and nice post,

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I love your post. Thank you for posting an inspiring article for us.

I really enjoyed your post. I think that the only way to be "immune" to the pressure and judgement we receive from others because of competition is to gain a greater sense of self, which is more important than most people realize :)

Competition is only bad when you are near a competitor who wants to win or stays in the front, no matter what.
Good and Healthy competition, only make us betters persons and better human beings. That's what I think. We have so many advantages with the healthy competition: friendship, push-ups to the limits, etc.

So yeah, It's like you said, good competitive behavior is important for growth and success too.

Keep the good work dude!



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Nice quotes, everyone will love you until you become a competition.

People say healthy competition is good. Do I agree? Yes. I'm a teacher. We play learning games with one side of the room against the other all the time, for extra credit.

Thanks you very much

extraordinary motivation, very proud if you give motivation to my post, thanks @vandrei.razvan

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Competition can bring best out of you... Can change your life....

There's a saying, "Competition brings out the best and the worst in everyone." Competition is a good way to learn your strengths and its also a good way to know your weaknesses. In knowing your strengths and improving on your weaknesses, you begin to understand and know yourself so you can become a better person.

I love your post. It is really inspiring and a great deal of ideas. Keep it up

Thank you for the motivational post. It gives a kick in the ass. You need to work on yourself constantly.

Yes i like this post and i like how you talk about self competition which i think setting your own goals and standards looking to be the best version of yourself is so much healthier than competing with others. Im not saying I disagree with competing with anyone else completely. If i was fighting in a ring with someone then I would definatley be training and competing to give the next guy a beat down but most competition with others seems to be a form of seeking approval from others which ends up in a false reality with most people about who they are as individuals. Great post :)

Nice post! Competition in my own veiw is due to lack of satisfaction....we always try to beat the next person or look better than the next person, there by grooming unnecessary envy and jealousy, but looking at the fact that competition is necessary for our survival( like @cortexx said) is what i wont agree with, we can all survive without trying to outshine the next person........ please follow back

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I absolutely love this post, i couldn't agree more that competing is completely unnecessary. Enjoy your process and just better yourself everyday and you will hit your goals

Thank. I have read your posting. It can make me more responsible in doing my duty. I am a teacher of senior high school. Thank you very much. Good luck.

competition is makes us going for more risk and effort. Competition is a part of every section of our life beginning in childhood while playing, in school while learning, in the adulthood while the search for the best job, in love trying to attract a partner more than the others singles and every other parts. Competition can make you go for it, but i like to tell myself to be in balance with the risk/effort ratio