Follow your heart or do as your brain commands: What is a better option.

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 Since the beginning, man has been fighting the same war. It has always been hard for us to decide whether your heart is right or the brain. When it comes to personal development thing can get even more confusing.

 When you are in a problem a common voice that you will hear is:

 Listen to Me 

 This is where the confusions begins. 

Who you should listen to? Your heart or your brain?

 We all know that at some points, both heart and brain are right. But you have to follow the command of one to succeed. It is a beautiful quote: 

 Whenever the brain and heart fight, It is the liver that suffers. 

 We all know that when it is hard for us to decide that what is the best for us we will notice that our brain and heart are fighting. Both will have their own logic. It will increase the heart rate and level of stress hormones in the body. 

In the end, the liver will have to deal with all the mess that has been created in the body. In this situation, you are left with nothing but regret. It is important that you when you should follow your heart and when the brain is right. 

Here are some interesting things to help you know.  

 Follow your heart 

 Heart believes in love and sweet feelings. When you are ready to find love or you have to accomplish something amazing it is better that you follow your heart. Heartbreak is a part of life but remember that your heart will never guide you in the wrong direction. The hearts know the best.

 You will never fail when you will follow your heart. There are chances that you will surely find a positive way or direction. Your hurdles will increase but in the end, you will be left with satisfaction and amazing people that would love you for your heart.  

 Your brain is right  

There are some situations where following your heart can be dangerous. Some of the situations are:   

  • Business deals 
  • Trading
  • Solving problems. 


 These are some of the situations where you will only find the help from your brain. If you will try to follow your heart it might not end very well. Here is a clear example to help you understand.  

     Person who follow his heart: I am happy and satisfied with my life and friends but I wish I was able to achieve more when I had the time. 

     Person who follows the brain: I am successful and one of the top personalities in the world. However, I am not satisfied or happy.  

     Person who uses both: I am happy and satisfied with my life and the success that I have achieved.  It is up to you that who you would like to become. 

It is important that you learn to follow your heart and brain at the right time to get best results.   

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The presantation is osm .
I'll use this trick in my next blog. Keep writing buddy.
Now I'll read this.

Really, the brain and the heart must work together, @vandrei.razvan. The complex association of human organs should give any person the best opportunity in personal life. Nobody will want to depend on anyone of them for success, while leaving the other one at risk, or in danger. The function of either the brain or the heart, should be respected, and understood as much as possible.
I am @gboyegaogunmola. I am a writer. I am writing article on the topic "psychological aspect of man".
I believe that, we must use the brain as a means of coordinating our life. Then, we should consider how our heart will direct us towards one thing or the other.
Psychology is the study of how the mind works and why we behave the way we do. I believe you, that the heart and the mind are really synonymous in the human sense.
Speaking the truth, the brain should work better in directing our daily routine, while the heart will be responsible for thinking about our future needs.

You're right. I like your last statement. Well said.

I follow my brains mostly all the time..and i follow my hearts if my heart told so ☺ @vandrei.razvan

Awesome writing....and great vlog post

To follow my heart, I think we have all asked ourselves that question: what to follow the heart or the brain? You are right, there are times when it is not good to follow the heart, but in situations where feelings and personal relationships abound, it is better that they go hand in hand with what you feel because at the end of the day you will regret it if you are not happy by , only Follow your mind.

This reminds me of a question: We live in a complicated world or in a complicated inner world?

My friend, I think of a complicated internal world. The complicated ones are us, regards.

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Foarte interesant..., echilibrul (în toate) e important.
Mai există și intuiția care mie mi se pare o combinatie intre ceea ce simti si ceea ce stii... și care, ca o forță supranaturală uneori, te împinge spre alegerea potrivita.

Deficitul intuitiei este tocmai remarcarea propriu-zisa a acesteia si confundarea cu gandul oarecare. Astfel, nu este intotdeauna recomandabil sa ne punem bazele in asa-zisa intuitie de moment pentru a lua decizia potrivita.

Interesting post. I'd have interpreted the quote differently, though! I thought it meant that, when heart and brain fight, you end up drinking and therefore your liver suffers. In any case, I agree that a mix of both is what ultimately can lead you to happiness and success.

Drinking is just an action which leads to more suffering. An action caused of course by an emotional state first. So a drinker is not feeling lonely and depressed because of his 10 beers, it's because his initial state of mind.

ㅎㅎ 한국에서 왔어요~
I read your posts it's nice ! @vanderi.razvan
I hope most of people keep that in their mine in here for their trading in cryptocurrency :P

Brilliant dude. Your writing is very good.

For me..when i am confused on what should i follow, the heart or a mind.i do pray to God to give me a sign which one will i follow and trust Him that it is His will..

informative and influencive post.thanks

Great post, I always follow my heart. Thanks