Hack the brain code for better personal development

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You might have been following all the rules and accomplishing the tasks on time but you are not successful. Have you ever wondered why?  

Let me share a secret with you 

There are many individuals that work hard but lack of personal development is the reason they are unable to succeed.  In case that you are working on your personal development but you are unable to notice any change, it means that there is a fault in your daily habits.  

 Habits can make or break a person 

 There are many individuals that are unable to change their habits. I can understand that it is hard in the beginning. However, you have to remember this:

  Still, water leads to the formation of bacteria, only the FLOWING WATER reaches its destination. 

 It is important that you change and adapt all the good habits. That is the only way you can succeed. Here are some of the effective ways that will help you understand how you can hack the code of your brain and change your bad habits. 

 Know your routine

  First, you have to pay attention to your routine. Remember that there are two types of people:  

  • Person 1: He knows that his health comes first. He manages the entire day around the meals and exercise so he will always feel fresh. 
  • Person 2: He is hard working. He does not pay attention to his health but he is also successful. 

 You might have been wondering that both these people are successful then, what is the difference?

 If you will pay close attention you will notice that the difference lies in the level of satisfaction. The first person is more satisfied with his life and success because he and his family are happy. On the other hand, 2nd person is always complaining that no one understands him because he is unable to make time for others.

  Experiment with rewards 

 Once you know your habits it is important that you experiment with the reward mechanism. You should know that the reward you will get for changing a habit. It will enhance your determination and will motivate you to work hard. 

For example, if you are planning to lose weight, select a dress that you will buy for yourself when you achieve your goals. You will work hard for the dress and in the end, you will surely change a habit that is affecting your lifestyle. 

 Hack your codes 

 Everyone has its own way of hacking the code of the brain. All you have to do is find yours so that you will know what you need to do in order to change your habits make sure that you develop a plan because it will help you to achieve your goals quickly.

 Always adopt the good habits of others!

 It will help you to become humble and you will achieve success quickly. Personal development will help with your growth. Soon you will notice a positive change in yourself.     


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All great points! I'll start to use some of these in my life now, It'll take time, but hey all of the most satisfying things in life do!

If you ll stick to them, you ll have great results!

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