Help others for your own personal development

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There are many youngsters that understand the importance of personal development. They are struggling with the personal development. The only mistake that most of the people are making is they are paying attention to their own growth and development.

The biggest problem with our younger generation is that they are very selfish and materialistic. They will do anything for their own success even in some cases if they have to destroy someone else.

Humans are born to help each other


Be the light of someone else’s candle and your candle will always keep shining the brightest. You cannot make your candle shine brightly by blowing off other’s candle.

It is a very important quote. If you will understand its deep meaning you will change the way you work. It is important that we change a few negative habits.

Here are some of the ways how helping others will help you with personal development:

Peace of mind will give successful results


First, a benefit that you will get with helping others is peace of mind. Have you ever noticed all the billionaires and successful people participate in charity? Bill Gates one of the richest persons in the world has been paying for polio vaccines. The owner of Tata motors gave all his employees free cars as a bonus for their religious occasions

Helping others is the way we help ourselves.

It is not about what they are giving or how much they can give. Everything is related to peace of mind and satisfaction. Even if you give a single dollar with a pure heart you will notice how peaceful your spirit will become.

Giving is not related to money. You can give by spreading smiles or helping others with their projects.

You will learn from others


One of the biggest benefits that you will get from helping others is that you will learn. There are chances that when you are working with your colleague on his project so he can accomplish it on time. You might learn some new skills that will help you in your future projects.

No one ever became poor by giving.

By sharing your knowledge and skills with others you will never become poor. You will notice that your knowledge and income will grow in every possible form. Make it a habit that you never stop giving.

Help will come for you automatically


Emergency and difficult situations can happen to anyone. Today you are helping someone in there time of difficulty. There is chance that after a few days you will be stuck in an even more difficult situation. If you have been helping others in different ways you will notice that help will come for you from sources that you never even imagined would come from.

We rise by lifting others!

So it is better that you become selfless instead of selfish. You will notice that how easy your life will become. The desire of material things will be gone from your mind and no one will be able to stop your rapid growth and progress.

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But you have to be carrefoul with helping people too. Another way they will start to use it. 😇

Yes, you re right. :)

I love your post.
Definitely our actions always come back to us, so we must be honest and humble to have the ability to help.

Nowadays, we lack so much this ability.. But, we will regain it!

No issue of platform just each other.

Really Nice read.
But if someone reminds you have helped them many days ago and they are thankful for that, it is a pure joy. That feeling is the most prestigious and joyful.

Yes, we should not help others for any return as that will not going to help back in a long run. Help and forget. If someone is thankful, enjoy the moment. One should help for their own pleasure.

It's kinda funny how that feeling can become an addiction.

Two quotes you said it just resonated 100% with me:

No one ever became poor by giving.


We rise by lifting others.

As you say, aspire to me selfless rather than selfish and reap the benefits of immense joy in life ✌🏼

Otherwise, if you happen to be into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around!

Thanks William for your input! Of course, see you around! P.S: nice content you have on your page.

Maybe it's rooted so deep in this society that some of us are high flyers and succes they achieve is some how unfair and a result of somekind of inbalance where other (not so 'significant' or highly credited people) are abused and that arouses the jealosy which makes us unable to help or support others and in the worst case sabotage and wish them bad luck..😕

Hmm. Interesting point of view! Thank you for your insight.

We need to help each other in the world even steemit

@vandrei.razvan vry nice thought. Steemit school is also initiated withe vision...r u part of it?

Thank you. No, I don't know anything about this subject. What's all about?

@vandrei.razvan steemit schcool teaches how to be succeessful lead by dobartim with the motto together we win. They have a 24.7 voice channel on discord and you can interact with many user including. D-pend and all

only when you lift others you rise

Very good post indeed ! We have to help each other.

Foarte frumos spus. Keep up with the good work!

I disagree with the statement that younger generation are selfish and materialistic. A half of younger, may be yes, but it's not supposed to all of them. I think, they were been selfish, materialistic, and do anything for destroy another just because they had a bad experience. For example, They used to help another in the past, but somebody which their believe betray them so they detterent for helping.

Thanks for sharing. Interest article.

What goes around comes around

Thank you for posting something as beautiful as this

Great and insightful post, really like your blog, keep it up!

Peace ✌🙏

if we help the creatures that are on earth, then we will be helped by those in the sky.
Nice post

Thank you for the insight and inspiration!

beautiful post! totally agree! I'm helping animals charities and I'm addicted to it :)

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