How to know that you are a positive thinker

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In the present age, when the competition is getting tough the importance of positive thinking is increasing. When things go wrong in life I can understand how hard it gets to stay positive. But you have to accept the fact that negativity is in human nature. 

You cannot ignore your emotions so it is better that you face what is happening!

 For years I participated in different exercises that would help me to become a positive thinker. To tell you the truth it never helped

You cannot become a positive thinker until you bring a change in yourself.  You might be looking for answers that whether you are a positive thinker or not. Here are some simple tricks that will help you know which type of thinker you are:

 You learn from failure 

Mistakes and failure is a part of life. Remember that we are humans and we have to make mistakes because only then we will progress

Only angels and machines have the capability of perfect performance. This is the reason they are in the same state. God has made humans with the power to progress and become a better version of himself. The people who learn from their failure are the true examples of positive thinkers.   

 Focus on the good   

  • Hardship is an important part of life. 
  • Without difficulties, we will never understand the importance of blessings that we have in our life. 
  • Positive thinkers always focus on good even in worst situations. 
  • They know how to find good even when everything is against them. 

 You are aware of your thoughts  

You know where you are going with your plans and thoughts. When you are a positive thinker the negativity of people around you will not affect you. You know what you have to do and you will make things happen.

You: I am ready to launch the product 

Negative person: You cannot do it 

You: I did not achieve my goals but the results were good. I will work hard next time 

Negative person: I told you, you cannot do it 

You: I did it, I achieved my goals and turned my product into a brand. 

Negative person: nice (they will get jealous because you proved them wrong.) 

 You engage yourself in positive activities 

 The best habit of a positive person is that he knows how to engage himself in positive activities.   

  • They always do the things that they love and never care about what others will say
  • They know how to lift themselves up. Positive thinkers do not rely on others to make them happy and satisfied 
  • Such people are complete because they know who is worth their time and attention 

Final word

  If you will pay attention you will know all these tips are actually positive thinking skills in disguise. Once you master these skills there is nothing that can make you feel down or disturbed. So come with me and bring a positive change in your life.   


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Very interesting information from you, I can learn a lot from what I will do, thank you for sharing with us here @vandrei.razvan

And I ll do it for a long time from now on. Thank you for your support!

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I really liked your post very much, it is true every thing you wrote there. While it is true that all people are able to achieve whatever we put in life, there are people with low self-esteem who let themselves be guided by bad comments that make everything stagnate. That is why if something did not go as planned, it is not a problem, the next time you should change things or look for other options to achieve the proposed goal.

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”If you can have it in your mind, you can have it in your hand.”

Thanks for the wise words