Why seeking knowledge is more important than skills

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 For years people have been struggling with personal development. They are working hard to assure that the will develop into a person everyone will love and appraise. We all have been in that stage. However, there are only a few that have reached to that level of success where you become an inspiration for others.  

A common mistake most of us make is that we pay attention to skills and not knowledge. If you will scroll through the history you will find the quotes about the importance of knowledge. Not even a single scholar has mentioned the importance of skills.  

 Seek knowledge even if you have to travel to China 

 It is a famous quote. Here we have the complete explanation why knowledge is important   

 Knowledge is the building blocks for success  

 Success comes with knowledge. Have you ever seen a person who only succeed based on his skills? The name of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates might come to your mind thinking that they were college dropouts and they succeed based on their skills. You are wrong. Both these successful personalities achieved this level of success by creating a balance between knowledge and skills. They first collected the required knowledge and after that, they started to work on their ideas.  

 You will find a solution even if you do not have the skills 

 When you have the knowledge, you will surely find the solution for the problem you have bee suffering from. With only skills finding a solution might get tough sometimes.  

  • When you have the knowledge you will directly pay attention to the solution of the problem
  • Take the example of a skilled artist who has no information or knowledge related to painting. He just knows how to play with color. In case he is given an order with special instructions he will surely get confused. On the other hand, a person with the right knowledge will surely find a solution. 
  • It is important that you keep acquiring knowledge

 It will give meaning to your words

  A person with proper education and knowledge will always be preferred over the person who has no knowledge.  An educated and illiterate person can never the same standard in society. 

 It is important that you understand the importance of knowledge. Have you ever wondered by people like to have a mentor? Even Mark Zuckerberg go to Bill Gates for mentoring. The reason is that mentors have more knowledge than we do. We like to have mentors for knowledge because we know skills come with knowledge. 

 Bottom line  

 No doubt skills are important in life. You cannot succeed without proper skills. However, skills, when combined with proper knowledge, become more powerful.

 When your skills are backed up by your knowledge it enhances your working capabilities and you will be able to generate the results that you always wanted. So make sure that with practicing your skills you seek knowledge. It will help in your personal development and open new paths to success.   

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Good post!

Unfortunately, in many universities nowadays, I feel there is such a strong focus on teaching very specific skills. On the aggregate, our universities are creating technicians, higher education has become a feeder for very specific skills needed by large corporations. Fine, we all need to acquire skills in order to appear "worthy" to be hired by some company to make some money in order to pay bills, put food in our mouths, blah, blah, blah. Or do we?

My thought has always been that skills are essentially the application of very specific knowledge within a very specific subject area. If you instead focus on the bigger picture in life, develop a thirst for broad knowledge (then work it into more specific areas of knowledge) I think you are already ahead of the game in a sense. Once you have big picture view of how things work, what is important, what really matters in life, then you are in a better position to "own" your particular path in life instead of being forced to tread along the paths that have been worn down by the people who tread on the ground before you. Knowledge is flexible, adaptable, curious, historically-oriented, nuances, not rigid, and holds the possibility of creating new outcomes, new discoveries.

Having skills is great, don't get me wrong. With them you can complete the known task within the given boundaries of the present. With knowledge though, you have the ability to create new paradigms, explore new opportunities, create new structures and be the one who invents/develops the things for which new skills are required.

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Hey @vandrei.razvan, besides the content I loved the images that you inserted.

Jay Mehta :D

Seek knowledge even if you have to travel to China.
Totally agree to that skills are essential but when it combines with the knowledge the results multiplied in folds.

Interesting post thank you! - in the day-to-day we forget how necessary this is rather strive for “being useful”. Time also give us knowledge and we tend to separate better important from unimportant matters....

Thought provoking V.

I currently find myself in a situation where I have graduated university without having completed an internship. Not an ideal situation. I do believe I have acquired meaningful, useful information relative to my degree field (marketing).

Some people, perhaps often, find themselves applying for a position after graduation with less than the required experience. Sometimes this is fine, other times the resume goes directly to the bin. When I abstract away from waking 'work' life, I find it very easy to claim knowledge is superior to skills. As I set across from a suit and tie in a gilded office, I find it very hard to articulate how the corporate world can confirm, with only my knowledge, that I can apply my knowledge and skills to carry out, effectively, the required tasks of the position.

In your post you write: "When you have the knowledge you will directly pay attention to the solution of the problem."

What if the problem is a lack of skills? Especially when other agents, to some extent, require said skill set. Even more so when the overwhelming majority of ones quality of life is tied to their work.

Perhaps the answer lies in ones knowledge of experience. What is experience if not an employers confirmation of an employees skills and effectiveness? If experience is the problem, there is no rule one cannot work for themselves, or vouch for their own experience, their own application of their skill set. Most textbook definitions of a business include the words "social institution." Ones honed focus on the social institutions that exist, the problems they solve, and where they as an individual may fit into the big picture would be a damn good start, and a very effective way of living out a proof that knowledge, even in a gilded office, is superior to skills.

...and then there is the chance I've way overthought this. At lest I enjoyed the post! Thanks.

Sentence your sentence is the motivation for those who read it.

that's very good...

We spent our time as parents trying to instill in them that it is knowledge that will bring success, unfortunately a lot of them don't listen to those words of wisdom.

Such a helpful article, thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Please check my new posts out! :)

That's an interesting perspective, man.

Though I was always looking for general knowledge rather than to have a particular skill and somehow 'felt' they were different, it never crossed my mind to separate the two and think about them like this.

Nice insight. Btw, are you a professional in the field of psychology?