You want others to love you, but LOVE yourself first!

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Love is a very strong emotion. It can make a mother strong enough to move mountains only to save her baby and a man intelligent enough that he can break all the norms of the society only to be with the one he loves.  

Unfortunately, this feeling of love has been changed with lust in the present age. It is often hard to know that whether a person loves you or he/she is only with for lust or person means. Most of the people are looking for true love. What they do not understand is that they will only find love once they love themselves. 

 Most of the people have a misconception that when a person loves himself he is proud. They should know that loving oneself would make a person more humble and down to earth. You should know that loving yourself is the first step of personal development. 

Here are some of the steps that will help you make love yourself. 

 Pay attention to your diet

 First, you have to eat healthily. It is important that you take care of your health. Just imagine you go to your friend’s house and the first comment you get is how skinny or fat you are. It will show that you do not take care of yourself.   

  • When you will start eating healthy you will look beautiful
  • People will not pay attention to your weight because they will know you take care of your diet
  • When you will take care of yourself no one will get a chance to taunt you. It will improve your self-esteem and you will feel better about yourself 
  • You will notice that others will make effort for you to help you stay healthy. It this way you will get appreciation and attention. Remember that a sick person gets sympathy and not love. 

 Stay happy 

One of the most important habits that you have to include in your life is to stay happy. Just remember that quote:

 Smile and make your enemies wonder how! 

It means that when you will be happy despite the situation and circumstance all the people around you will wonder that how you can be so calm. Some will get jealous but most of them will appreciate this quality of yours. In this way when you will have nothing to be stressed about it will change your point of view on life.   

 Help others  

Satisfaction is better than success

 We are working for success but when we find satisfaction is something we forget everything about success. It is important that you help others. When you will see the smiles on their faces it will give you the satisfaction that you will find from nowhere else. Peace of mind is very important. 

 If you are unable to find the love of a partner there is nothing to worry about. When you will love yourself, you will feel complete. It will help you to start a new life in which you will only allow positive people to enter and from there you will truly succeed.  


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Very nice post. About a good topic and well written. I just would like to add one thing about being happy. It is much easier to say than done. In reality, to be happy you have to stop for a moment, and really appreciate what you have. Live in the moment, and happy you will be. I am talking only about my subjective though that i am living with. The problem with today's sociaty is that we have been though that happiness comes after ...... But in reality we are born happy, like every second. That's why kids are happy. They live the moment. I am not talking about forgetting about the plans and stop developing yourself. Just appreciate what you have, and stop for the moment, and you will be happy. You won't need money to achieve happiness, YOU ARE HAPPY NOW

Good post.very is the best.

You got some pretty profound advice in here.
I totally agree that satisfaction will always trump success.

Nice post and i am going to follow u.

I totally agree with you sir

Most of the people have a misconception that when a person loves himself he is proud. They should know that loving oneself would make a person more humble and down to earth. You should know that loving yourself is the first step of personal development.

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This is just the actual truth... Very amazing post you got here.
Great job @vandrei.razvan

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In life, alot of people will redicle, criticize and even hate on you. To get over the attitude of people towards you, there is need to know who you really are, love your personality and be happy with you do.

If you fail to adhere to these things, you may easily get affected by action of people towards you and also it will affect how you relate with people.

Your words are full of wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

Very interesting article!
Many believe self love, that is selfishness. Although it is not so. Self-love is not selfishness. Love to itself can be selfish, and can and not be. Love is a reflection of our personality, and if a person is selfish, then his love for himself will be selfish.
If a person thinks about others and cares about them, his self-love with selfishness is not connected, it is easy and natural to love yourself and others. Effort to it - is enough. He who loves himself long time and of course, it pays not too much time.
Love yourself, take care of yourself and do not forget about the people around you.

completely agree with being able to love yourself first before having a person come into your life! You attract what you are.

Will Smith made a great video depicting this:

You can't depend on a partner to make you happy, they're not responsible for your happiness. They're contributors to it, but not the primary vessel.. Even when we're married, we're on our own separate journeys choosing to grow and bringing in what we learn into the relationship :)

Helping others really brings a deep joy into your heart and fulfilment. Thanks @vandrei.razvan.

Loving yourself first gives you impetus and strength to give out what you have and not, what you do not have. Emotionally speaking!