Identity imprisons you. Just be yourself and be free!

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Identity is something most people attach themselves to. Whether it is family identity, nationality, tribe or anything else, literally everyone on the planet attaches himself/herself to some form of identity.

What people don't get is that all identity is actually incarceration. Whatever you allow to define you actually imprisons you. All forms of identity are just boxes that enclose you.

The only genuine identity is you yourself. You simply don't need anything else. Every other supposed identity is false. They are never identity but mere labels. And these labels create the illusion before you that you are something that you actually aren't.

It is because of these labels that people seek to satisfy what society expects of them instead of trying to satisfy what they expect of themselves! Labels masquerading as identities create a halo of falsehood around your existence and bind you by it.

Freedom, for real, comes from knowing that you are never defined by false identities of skin colour, nationality, tribe, income levels, fashion sense etc. True freedom comes from breaking through this false halo and uncovering your true boundless nature where the only identity that exists is you yourself.



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