Your temper is your own responsibility.

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There are an awful lot of people in this world who, unfortunately, think it is the responsibility of others around them to keep them sane and controlled. These people live with an expectation that the world around them will somehow behave and act sensibly so that everyone may be at peace. These are also the same people who wouldn't think twice before blaming any bad behaviour of theirs on people around them and accusing them of inciting that bad behaviour. Such people, in their minds, can never be wrong themselves and all the responsibility of keeping them well-behaved lies on anyone but them.

If only such people lived in reality. If only such people knew how the real world functions. In the real world, people are going to act stupid and do all sorts of nasty things to you or to others around you. The real world is anything but sane. Your best bet is to at least preserve your sanity. Our tempers are one of the biggest indicators of our sanity and therefore preserving our tempers is ultimately our responsibility and not the responsibility of anyone else's.

Getting impulsively angry over small misunderstanding and blaming others for inciting and aggravating you is a big indicator that you are nothing but a childish person. Because a mature person would engage with civility and actually try to resolve issues around them instead of acting like a child and scapegoating others for their deficiencies.

Bad things may happen around you but if you keep your temper and sanity intact, you are the winner. On the other hand, if hardly anything worthwhile to genuinely lose your temper over is happening and you still end up losing it, you are nothing but a loser in real life. That is pathetic and must be avoided at all costs.

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