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RE: Steemit 2 Years Anniversary!!! :O

in #life2 years ago

Happy anniversary! It’s totally okay to take little breaks here and there. I’m also the type who likes a change of scenery. I hope you continue to share you drawings with us!

Why do I blog? Hmmm... I guess it’s just like writing a journal entry for me. I can look back and remember all the fun times and see how I grew as an artist.


Sweet, I agree. It really is a neat journal :D
Thank you!

I'm just a dopamine junky :P
I did some of my best artwork for contests I didn't win. I didn't care. The adrenaline rush from competitivnes simply gave me the motivation I needed to keep working on an artwork even if I was dissatisfied with it at first. It's so hard to overcome that sketch phase for me.