Interview to the Venezuelan chef Reynaldo Coa!

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Brief explanation of what is #FoodPorn according to a Latin American chef.


In many occasions I´ve sent the link of my posts to friends regarding #FoodPorn and they have erased it without even taken a short look at it, thinking it´s some kind of virus or porn content. Well, no. In English speaking countries people are using this term a lot to describe food dishes with orgasm type or something impossible to the man’s imagination. But today I bring for you the opinion or point of view of a high cuisine chef, Venezuelan and promoter of the south region of Venezuela´s gastronomic culture.

And for that I proudly present my friend, neighbor, and gastronomic idol: Reynaldo Coa! Warning: this is not a biography of this character. This is about his point of view regarding the relation between food and sex.

Reinaldo Coa 20180530_101143.jpg

What does #FoodPorn means for the Chef Reynaldo Coa?

  • This Word is used by millions of people worldwide. It´s meaning evokes for a seducer type of food/meal/dish that could easily be replaced by #sex for a #foodie or lover of a good table. I´ve been witness of people wish reaction to the taste of any of my own creations besides of enjoying it, their physical response and neurosensory takes them to live a culinary orgasm.

At the time of serving. What is your favorite #FoodPorn?

  • Prawn Rissoto decorated with eatable flowers and rugula


What does “The chef” eat on his day off? Or when he is out of the kitchen?


Do you consider food and sex have any relation?

  • Yes! Of course it does. That relation is more extensive then it seems to be. The food plus sex produce something really common, and that is #Pleasure! For ever sex has been related to food. Starting with an excellent wine and a good Company plus an awesome meal, always at the end would be to produce the same feeling which is pleasure that both generate.

And this, ladys and gentlemen is what I call: #FoodPorn

P.D. All the pictures are original from the Chef @ReynaldoCoa. you can follow him at:


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divine all that looks

And it really tastes how it looks like!

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