How We Tried to Catch Bees (Own Photos)

in #life4 years ago

Hello everybody! These weekends I helped my friend to set traps for bees. I don't know what is the correct term for it in English, but I'll try to explain. A bee trap is a small beehive placed somewhere in the forest. When bees smell wax, they fly to that beehive and begin to live in it. A beekeeper will check the trap later and if there are bees there, he take the trap to the bee farm. In a couple of days, after the bees calm down, he will put them into a new big beehive.

I made future bee combs. I "glued" wax sheets to wooden base, then I put the wax sheets into the box.

My friend fixed the trap between the tree branches.

In a week we found a new bee family in the box. We put them into a new large beehive. Now they feel good at my friend's bee farm.

Hope you liked my post.

Thanks for reading.


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