Coronavirus 2

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The Bitcoin Market reacted just as we thought after a huge run up the Bitcoin Market the gold market the S&P 500 and the world stock markets tank brutally over the past two days after what was supposed to be a Tuesday Salvage we saw yet another dip the tech stocks in particular have suffered after a massive sell-off markets around the globe has lost almost two trillion dollars Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market have declined down quite a ways we've seen a massive sell-off in gold is precipitated on Monday that was notable what is this song Live to tell us that the disruption of the global Supply chains is real that we are very interconnected or very fragile as a market and unfortunately we are going to enter into a. Downturn in the best scenario China will be able to contain along with the rest of the world the coronavirus and we'll be able to stop the spread of the massive massive supply chain disruption we shall see what happens in the coming quarter half we have weak earnings that was seen with apples