Everyone Wants To Be Successful, Is That Right?

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Success in life is a mystery, mysteries are secretes, secrets are valuable information, information gives wealth, wisdom, health etc.
You want to change more lives and make impact, you need information... I'm not talking about garbage, I'm not talking about facts and figures, I'm talking about ideas calculated from exploring the mind.
Money is around everybody, money is not in the port, but it's right up with oxygen. Look around you and you will see you have more than enough. Enough to keep and to spare, enough to give and receive.
A story is said of this man, who was so broke, he was heavily poor, he lived in a small hut all by himself.
He was going through life surviving, often went hungry and angry, because he had nothing to eat. One day, he was just sitting right in front of his hut, thinking through life, the pain and bitterness he has been through for so long, while he was still in thinking mode, a man came to him and proposed if he will sell his land for a handsome amount of money.
Guess what, he quickly sold it, because the money was quite huge to him. Next, deal is closed, land sold, he packs his staff and waves goodbye to his little hut and the man, and said to himself, "I'm done with poverty".
Few years later, the man who bought land, being a curios person decided to dig a well, so he can have portable water and not use the stream down the hill. While in the process of digging, he found this dark liquid, not knowing what was inside. So he called for help form a long time friend who was a bit learned.
To his amazement, his learned friend told him that he has struck oil, and this staff is worth a lot money. They quickly got in touch with an oil company, signed a contract to keep 50% of what is earned. They agreed and in no time drilling began, the man became very rich.

You think you have nothing, that is because of how you think, the very land you step on daily, despise by throwing garbage around is the very same land that gives oil, gold, diamond and all the minerals you can think of. Even the food you eat comes from there.
Humans are poor in life not because of what they don't have, but because of what they don't know.

Thanks for reading. Peace out!

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