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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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I hope this will be a strong community one day. Ti be honest I nearly gave up a while ago. It is hard to "meet" people over here. It is not always about the upvote, but also about some replies and answers. If it comes to the rest you wrote... I decided to do what I liked most which is reading and writing.. 2 things I like to do over here as well. Pity is my Internet connection is not strong plus I was out of Steempower. So I had to be creative to go on one way or the others (those who asked me to join left). I found the freewrite of @mariannewest (thanks to her great writers and challenges), @freewritehouse, @crypto.piotr and @onnovocks helped me out with steempower, having more fun over here and gave me the opportunity to meet great writers, show me good content. I am so happy with that and hope everybody will find a place in this community!

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hi @wakeupkitty

I hope this will be a strong community one day.

It's all (or almost all) in our hands to create strong community. I really am happy that you've reached out to me. Steemit need more responsive and supportive people as you are.