Thank You Steemit Community, You Guys Are Crazy!

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Thank you people of steemit! First of all we have passed over 2,000 followers. Woot. And secondly you guys have put together some pretty awesome logos for my contest. Like really awesome. I am blown away by the work some of you guys and girls put into this and I will make sure you guys get at least a 100% upvote from me for your efforts. The problem is there are so many of you it might take me a few days :p. There are some talented people on here and I will be announcing a winner this upcoming Wednesday. If you want to see the entries check out the post here:

Also thank you for the overwhelmingly positive comments in my posts, you guys are great. I need to get my ass in gear in the comments to make sure I respond to a lot of them, this site is going to be a full time job :p. I plan to really help the gaming community when communities start, so lets go team.

Thank you again, this geek appreciates it.

Now I need to think of a sign off slogan... I do what nintendont't... why does that sound familiar :p.



you are doing good hard work could lead to success and steem is the best opportunity for us

You are doing good job, and I as gamer and in very near future gaming content creator at Dtube and Steemit I appreciate what you are doing here. Don't stop and go for your goal here, do your best! Don't stop doing quality content! :D

Congratz about 2000 fallowers :D I'm sure thats only beginning :D

Good luck with Dtube, let me know when you start to post on it. For sure,we are going to build a gaming community here.

I'm wating for it :D

That's true. @whatageek is real geek at supporting.

Heyyy you post good content

you deserve it !

Hey you did it all, youre most welcome...thank you for the slogan, yes you do lol

Crossing 2000 followers that is really great ....That is all because of you ,you are so kind to everyone ....we love you for that .keep steeming...
And yes there are too many entries guess you have many fans 😂..

I think the offer of money helps :p. Thank you for the kind words and your cool computer entry to the contest.

Can i have multiple entries ..
I have been working on another logo, i have given it a best shot ...
It is conceptual.

You can put as many as you like, even if yo don't win I'll still try to upvote :)

It is like a man is sitting on his legs crossed and his both hands holding his head ...
the whole logo is made of headphone , the gamepad , and a goggs..
The gamepad is like Moustach ..hehe

Very unique. Good to see, I got a few people pasting from other sites on the contest page.

Ya people here do it alot , they think the person on the other side dont come to know..ahhh they suck ...but if it is a newbie they aren't actually much into the platform yet they treat this platform as they treat others...
Here people believe in originality and quality.

You deserve it! Hard work pays off eventually and you have many more thousands of followers ahead. Keep it up!

You are fucking awesome blogger, keep up your nice work!

Dang congrats. I just hit 700, but 2000 followers. Kudos to you!

Congratulations @whatageek for Reaching all those followers. Thanks for the great work and effort taken to support steemit users.

Congratulations. I'm happy for you. Tho I'm so sad I couldn't contest in the logo competition. Would have loved to give a trial 😭

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You were the first user I started to follow and the one that I fit better until now. Congrats!

your awesome geek blogger

Very good content @whatageek and congratulations for 2000 followers
I am very proud to be your loyal followers

You got a 10.24% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @whatageek!

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Congratulations with this milestone!

Compared to you my number of followers is 10% of yours. And my rewards are 0.10% of yours. What the heck am I doing wrong?

steemit changed the social media. facebook bye bye.

Congratulations on 2000 followers man!!!! You're doing a great job on steem platform and you're creating awesome gaming concent which I always enjoy to read. Keep doing such a marvelous stuff and you'll get even more!!!

This is what we actually need in the Steemit platform, Reviews, stories, and the articles... I joined recently and I am not disappointed at all!

You are a great blogger, and you are very welcome
continue your work ,,
I really support you and I will wait for your next chapter?
Thank you @whatageek for sharing in stemeet

Congratulations for 2k followers. I think it will be 200k very soon <3 You are doing good thing. keep making good contents <3

I am very happy to hear from you, and you are great.

Congrats on 2k followers! You'll have 10k in no time! Haha
When it comes to designing logos, there's always some great talent on steemit that will do it!

For sure, and thanks, 10k here we come.

Thank you @whatageek
Very educating and entertaining.

Thanks for all the great content you guys put out!

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Felicitaciones sigue adelante...

Congratulation for your achievement

Yes, its cool as I just passed my 3,000th follower! enjoy it!

job well done

you got it because you deserve it. you try to get these and work hard by posting lovely post and finally you got the rewards. thanks

Nice..thank you too

Every time we publish something good to nourish myself, to know, and for that I thank you, thank you for leaving us a good contribution to grow in this ... friend of I hope you follow the successes and triumphs in your life. .. I wish you the best, from Colombia I follow you fully ...

we follow you with pleasure :)

Hey, I'm new here but I had enough time to see that you are doing good content here. Keep it up man!